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Stop Leaving Crumbs: How Ant Infestations Start

Ant Infestations

How do ant infestations start?

  1. Food crumbs: The most common cause of ant infestations in the presence of food crumbs.
  2. Weather: Climate plays a huge part in ant infestations, as ants tend to look for shelter during seasons with high temperatures.
  3. Leaving sweets and other foods in the open: Leaving food like sweets out in the open can attract a lot of ants to your home.
  4. Keeping dirt around: An unclean household can bring about more ants to a home.

Dead pests: Leaving the bodies of dead pests around can lead to swarms of ants feasting on them.

A man and woman are preparing for lovely day out in a local park. The man is carrying a picnic basket, while the woman, a tablecloth. She sets the cloth on the ground, while the man sets the basket nearby, and brings out the items inside: plates, sandwiches, snacks, cutlery, two wine glasses, and a bottle of champagne.

Ant Infestations

As they enjoy their small feast, the woman notices a disturbance. Shrieking in horror, she sees a group of ants carrying their sandwiches, snacks, two wine glasses, and even the bottle of champagne. The couple watches in horror as the ants carry their feast into their anthill, fitting everything inside.

Yep, you probably remembered this scene during your Saturday morning cartoons as a kid. It was funny, but it didn’t highlight the seriousness of the situation. An ant infestation can ruin a good day. It can be detrimental to just about anyone and can happen almost anywhere. But just how does one start? In this article, we’ll take a look at the reasons how an ant infestation can start in your home.

Food crumbs

The most common cause of ant infestations is the presence of food crumbs. According to an article written by Dr. Barbara Ogg, ants feed on sweet foods and starchy substances. Basically, they like the same kind of food we do, which is why they can suddenly invade our home and loot food from our kitchen. If you notice this happening in your home, a colony may already be developing. Consult your pest control service provider in the Philippines immediately.

Leaving food crumbs unattended can attract different kinds of ant species, which is why it is important to sweep them off the table or other surfaces. Two kinds of ant species to watch out for are the carpenter ants and fire ants. Aside from food, carpenter ant burrow through wooden surfaces to build nests for their colony. If they happen to nest in a wooden furnishing or area of your house, it may affect the structure’s integrity.

ant infestation

On the other hand, fire ants cause very painful bites and different reactions on their victims, depending on the kind of allergies they have. The bite of a fire ant may cause a welt that eventually leads to a white pustule, a bump filled with fluid or pus.


Aside from food morsels, the climate also plays a role in ant infestations. During the rainy season, ants seek higher ground due to their nest’s structure being moistened by rain. Due to this, ants seek shelter in people’s homes. The inverse is also true. During summer months, ants, among other insects, find protection from the extreme heat. If they find a house nearby, they will take refuge there and cause an infestation.

Leaving sweets unstored

After crumbs, leaving out pastries, sweets, and anything in between can attract a lot of ants into your home, says Erik Neilson in this article. He counsels, “Avoid leaving any food unrefrigerated, and keep sugar canisters tightly sealed at all times…” Doing this protects your home from the possibility of an infestation.

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