Spring Cleaning Tips for a Pest-free Home

man holding cleaning suplies

What are some spring cleaning tips to eliminate house pests?

  1. Thoroughly clean the kitchen
  2. Reduce humidity
  3. Regularly throw out the trash
  4. Change bed sheets


Thorough house cleaning is definitely not an easy task to accomplish. However dire the global circumstances may be, this is also a good time for people to consider some spring cleaning tips. Perhaps some people who are busy and have no time to clean will hire an expert in cleaning service port moody to help them remove all the dust and dirt.

It’s inevitable that most parts of your house will become even more soiled because of the increase in the amount of time that you spend in them. People may tend to just simply lie in bed all day, or eat whatever snack they can find in their kitchen pantry.

If you find yourself belonging to either one or both of these categories, it would also do you well to think about just how your activities could serve as breeding spaces for certain house pests. Fortunately for you, you can easily find solutions to eliminate these pests with the following spring cleaning tips below.


Thoroughly clean the kitchen

woman cleaning kitchen

The kitchen would undoubtedly be one of the parts of your house which may experience an increase in the level of activity and foot traffic. You’d be using more plates than usual and would be throwing away more food wrappers because of the circumstances. There’s nothing inherently dangerous about any of these activities, but what you might now know is that these could also attract house pets like ants, cockroaches, or even vermin.

One way you can thoroughly clean your kitchen is by washing dishes after every time you make use of them. This is both a way for you to avoid dish pile-ups, as well as a way for you to avoid significant numbers of ants or cockroaches from flocking to your kitchen or dining area. Leaving piles of unwashed dishes in your sink is not only unappealing to look at, but may also become odorous over time because of spoilage coming from food residue.

Another simple cleaning practice you can do in your kitchen is by simply taking out all the expired food items that you can find inside your fridge or pantry. This is a great way for you to increase your kitchen’s storage space and reduce unnecessary food items.


Reduce humidity

woman opening windows

Due to the lockdown situation, it may be difficult for you to get your most trusted exterminator to offer your home with professional pest control solutions. Fortunately for you, there are simple home remedies you can do to avoid the proliferation of many kinds of pests, specifically termites.

Different kinds of termites exist and these insects may be found inside many kinds of wood structuring, eating away at them and transforming them into less durable objects. However, an important piece of information you might want to make use of is that these termites tend to grow in number, especially in areas where there is a high level of moisture. To add to this fact, the warm summer air creates a conducive environment for these pests to come out.

Fortunately, you can easily reduce the buildup of moisture by simply improving the ventilation function around different locations of your house. For example, if you have remote locations such as storage basements, attics, and crawl spaces, you may put an electric fan in place to prevent the termites from growing in number. If possible, you may also want to air condition areas that house wooden furniture.


Regularly throw out the trash

throwing out the trash

Regularly throwing out your trash is another way of removing pests from your house. Some specific areas you may want to target include your kitchen, dining room, and bathroom.

Kitchen trash that has been left to build up over time can create more opportunities for vermin, like rats and mice to go head to your kitchen and create an unsanitary environment. By throwing out trash that contains discarded food items, you’re doing your part in preventing this situation from occurring. A bit of good advice would be for you to place easily-accessible garbage disposal which you can collect inside a large garbage bag, to be properly collected later on, by a garbage collection service.


Change bed sheets

woman changing bedsheets

If you’re spending a majority of time in your bedroom, you may also unknowingly expose this area to bed bugs. Regularly changing your bedsheets and pillowcases is a good way to prevent these pests from infesting your bedspace. Couple this practice with some simple sweeping as a further protective measure for other kinds of pests which you may not be able to anticipate.


Key Takeaway

There are just a few easy spring cleaning tips you can practice in the comfort of your own home in order to completely eradicate pesky pests such as cockroaches, flies, ants, and the like. Especially during this time where you’re spending a large chunk of your time just staying inside the house, you might want to consider how your daily routines and activities might create more opportunities for unwelcome pests to rise in number.

Hopefully, the simple guide above offers you some low-maintenance spring cleaning practices for this kind of season.