3 Reasons Why Rodents Keep Coming Back

3 Reasons Why Rodents Keep Coming Back

What are the reasons why rodents keep coming back?

  1. Rodents reproduce rapidly
  2. Your property is providing their needs 
  3. Your current pest treatment is not addressing the root cause of the infestation


Rodents are a problem the moment they take up residence in your home. This is why rodent prevention and control in the Philippines is a must. Experiencing a recurring rodent infestation once can be frustrating — so a recurring one takes that stress and irritation to a new level. But why do these pests decide to infest your home, no matter what you do? Here are 3 reasons why rodents keep coming back. We also provide tips on how to get rid of a rodent infestation. 


Rodents reproduce rapidly

Rodents reproduce rapidly

A rodent infestation can be a persistent one because these types of pests reproduce rapidly.   

A typical female rodent can give birth to up to 10 litters a year. Per litter of rodents, they produce an average of 8 pups. In addition, rodents reach sexual maturity in around 6 weeks. Therefore, every littler of rodents is ready to reproduce in less than 2 months.

You might have thought you’ve already gotten rid of plenty of them, but if you leave even just a pair of rodents in your home, then another infestation will crop up in time. 


Your property is providing their needs 

Your property is providing their needs 

Another reason why your rodent problem seems to keep happening is that they consider your home to be the best area to provide their two most important needs: food and shelter.

Even if you keep a relatively clean household, you can still end up with a recurrent rodent problem if you miss a few key elements. Rodents can sniff out even the smallest unguarded food source, shelter, or entrance into your home, so you have to keep an eye out. Here are a few of the things that attract rodents back onto your property: 

  • Keeping food out in the open — even pet food left unattended in food bowls or outdoor feeders can be very attractive to rodents.
  • Keeping food in containers that are not airtight. Rodents have an excellent sense of smell that can detect unprotected food, even when they’re in your pantry or cabinets. 
  • Using outdoor feeders that are easy to access. Rodents can climb up just about any surface, so make sure that the feeder you’re using is pest-proof to prevent them from accessing this food source. 
  • Unsealed holes or gaps on the outdoor perimeter of your home. If there are any small entrances on your home’s exterior, make sure they’re sealed to prevent them from entering your home.
  • Open windows or doors — rodents can also climb up to the second floor of your home and enter through any open windows or doors.

If you make your home inaccessible and remove possible food sources, then rodents will likely be less driven to live on your property. 


Your current pest treatment is not addressing the root cause of the infestation

Your current pest treatment is not addressing the root cause of the infestation


If you’re using store-bought pest treatments and DIY pest control techniques, then you might have been able to catch a few rodents, or even reduce their numbers with poison.

However, this is just a band-aid solution. It does not really solve the root cause of your rodent infestation, which are: what’s attracting them to your property; how they’re entering your home. 

Also, as mentioned, rodents breed fast. If you can’t effectively control their numbers, this problem is going to get out of hand very quickly. 

What you need is a method that provides two things: control and prevention. This is where an expert in household pest control, like Topbest, comes in. With our years of experience and well-trained pest professional team, we know the most effective methods for rodent prevention. We can correct your current pest infestation methods. Our team can also help you identify possible rodent entry points to prevent future infestations! 

All in all, working with our team can save you time, money, and stress in the long run. We have several services and products for rodent prevention and control in the Philippines!


How can you tell if all the rodents are gone?

On your own, there are a few telltale signs of a rodent problem that you can keep an eye out for after you receive help from a pest control company like Topbest.

One of the most common signs is rodent droppings around food sources and in small and dark spaces (such as in cupboards and under your sink), nesting material (such as shredded paper or plant matter), and signs of chewing on walls and on food packaging. 

However, a thorough home inspection — care of your pest control company — can not only determine what kind of rodent you’re dealing with, but also what’s attracting them to your home. An inspection will also reveal how effective their current pest control efforts are. 


Key Takeaway

Knowing the reasons why rodents keep coming back is only one part of the solution. If you’re dealing with a rodent problem, then always work with an expert — Topbest can help you send those rodents scurrying for cover!

Using our combination of pest control and prevention techniques, our team can solve your pest woes by addressing the root of your problem. And, we even provide the means to prevent a future rodent infestation in your home! Contact us today to get started — we offer free consultation!