Pesticides vs Organic Pest Control: How to Choose

Pesticides vs Organic Pest Control: How to Choose

What are the things you need to consider in choosing between pesticides and organic pest control?

  1. Effectiveness
  2. Application
  3. Area of Infestation
  4. Duration of Results


In the Philippines, pest control can either come in the form of pesticides or organic agents. Depending upon the gravity of the pest infestation in your home as evaluated by a pest control company, the two choices are the likely methods of choice to be observed to eradicate these small invaders. Unwanted pesky creatures and pests can interfere with your home’s comfortability. In some extreme cases, they may even cause damage to your property. Knowing how to choose between pesticides and organic pest control will help you determine what’s best for your household. Begin by reading below and make a decision from there!



Although both organic and synthetic pesticides are effective at pest control, you still have to take their modes of action into consideration because it can differ greatly.

Effectiveness is measured by the duration that it takes to see intended results or how pest management is easily carried out. Pest control experts know how frustrating it is to deal with infestations that span for a long period. This is why they weigh out the pesticides that they would use before making their next move.

Organic pest control tends to be slower to take effect while synthetic pesticides can act quickly as they are chemically engineered to obstruct the biological functions of pests. As with every process in pest infestation, you have to keep in mind that any pest control agent would require you to give enough time and patience in order for it to work.




Natural options in pest control pose are safer in terms of application, but this would require multiple visits to achieve pest elimination. The pest control team that you have called would probably need to pay you many visits before the pests say bye to your home for good.

This is where pesticides come in; the reason why there are many homeowners who prefer it. Using pesticides or termiticides can resolve the pest problem quickly. With regard to health risks and implications, you should probably choose organic because they have less chance of inflicting people with possible health hazards. But remember that no matter what you choose, you can still be free of negative occurrences in health just as long as you have a reliable team behind the pest control efforts.


Area of Infestation

Certain products are only effective when they are applied to the prescribed area on the label. Never use products for outdoor use inside your home or a building because this can bring about detrimental effects not just for your health but for the structure of the property.

This is why checking the label is important. It will help you determine if you are applying the product in the right way. Always review the precautions listed on the product to prevent negative situations like contamination. This is a prime consideration in choosing between organic and pesticides because this can help determine how it can affect the area of infestation aside from eradicating pests.


Duration of Results

Duration of Results

Some pesticides and organic pest control solutions can work for a short time while there are those who lose effectiveness after a certain period. If this is okay for you, then by all means, go with the pest control agent that offers this. But if you want a pest control solution that delivers long-term protection, then go with the one that fulfills this requirement.

Organic and traditional pesticides can come in many forms: be it solutions, aerosols, dust, granules, baits, or powders all of which serve a specific purpose and delivers distinct results. Try to do prior research on these products so you can ask the professional pest control company that you have by your side about the product that they are going to use. This way, you can evaluate if the duration of the results is sufficient for the application.


Key Takeaway

Choosing between organic and synthetic can be a tricky thing if you are planning to do a DIY pest control for your home. Fortunately, in the Philippines, pest control experts would help you determine what pest elimination technique is suitable for the infestation in your home. By reading this article, your prior knowledge can make all the difference in an effective and efficient pest control so you could use this as a guide when a pest professional pays you a visit.