Pest Management Techniques that Trended this 2015

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With today’s modern age, the innovation for pest management continues to evolve. Termite control and other forms of pest management have steadily found a pace to progress efficiently. And 2015 saw a lot of new trends in the industry of pest control services. To find out more about it, here’s a list of the top innovations there were in the pest management era that is 2015:


Renewed Crusade against Rats

Rat infestation is one of the leading pest issues that continue to plague the world today. They’ve become so very problematic for businesses and homes, lurking underneath every nook and cranny of buildings. Needless to say that the rodent is being encountered more frequently in land-locked areas more than any other pests. In response to this crisis, luckily, a lot of pest control businesses this year focused on improving their proliferation techniques against rats.


Reinvented Anti-Pest Lights

As if to obey a general rule, innovators now-a-days try to keep their inventions more nature-friendly. This is especially true when it comes to modern pest management. These days, there is an ever growing demand for a more modern and environmentally-efficient anti-pest lighting system.

Exterior lighting has played a big role in pest management. And its ability to attract (and ultimately get rid of) pests efficiently makes it much more desirable means of pest control than certain other methods. Pests could go through gaps, cracks and door, after all; therefore, using exterior lighting as well as LED Lights to eradicate them might very well be a nice idea. If you want to learn more about the benefits of lighting, including the use of LED lights for pest control, feel free to go to my blog.


New Policies to Minimize Bed Bug Incidents

As we all know, bed bugs have always been an issue in North America. But apparently this year, they have been expanding their presence in areas where they’re not normally found. This is why a lot of health organizations and government establishments have been encouraging people to practice good hygiene at home and out. Businesses and other public places are also strongly advised to keep the cleanliness and maintenance of their equipment and premises because most of these bed bug incidents happen more in their areas. Lastly, most health care facilities advise people to keep themselves sanitized when they’re in public transportations and other areas that people are in contact of physically.


Discovery and Study of a New Invasive Ant Species

Ants have long been known to be a double-edged sword as a pest control, mainly because of their tendency to prey on other pests as well as be pests themselves.

This year, though, there have been plenty of new discoveries about a new invasive and aggressive ant species. An increasing number of non-native ant species has been spreading wide in the United States. These invasive ants are pushing other troublesome ants like fire ants out of their home. Some of these species are even found in large numbers; creating a significant annoyance factor both for other ants and us humans.


Every year, the pest management industry is progressively trying their best to improve their techniques to stop the infestation of pests. Most entomologists are also trying their best to discover and find out more about many species of pest. Who knows? Maybe someday these innovations would be used by our own trusty pest control!