Factors that Affect the Cost of a Pest Control Service in the Philippines

Factors that Affect the Cost of a Pest Control Service in the Philippines

What are the factors that affect the cost of a pest control service in the Philippines?

  1. Size of the property
  2. Severity of pest infestation
  3. Infested area
  4. Type of pest
  5. Method used for treatment
  6. Number of treatments done
  7. Skill of the pest control service provider
  8. Location of the pest control company


Pest control plays a major role in eliminating pests and mitigating their disastrous effects. However, just like any other service, availing of pest control from professional pest control service providers requires a fee. The cost of pest control services varies from one reason to another—some may cost more, and some may cost less.

In this article, we will discuss several factors that contribute to the varying prices of pest control services in the Philippines. Keep the following in mind as a guide that you may use for future reference.

Size of the Property

The size of your property or space is one of the primary factors that can affect the cost of the pest control service that you will avail of. The main reason is that the bigger the property, the more pests and hideouts there might be.

A bigger house is also more difficult to search if you’re trying to locate pests for extermination. You can fit many more things and possessions in a spacious house, hence there is more stuff to move and check. Another reason is the size itself—the pest control team will have to navigate greater distances and inspect more areas.

Severity of Pest Infestation

The extent of the pests’ damage or infestation is another factor that may cause you to be charged more. This is simply because it means that the pest control team will exert more effort and spend more time staying in your place with the goal of fully exterminating the pests.

Severe pest infestations are hard to eradicate. Aside from time and effort, this will lead the pest control team to use more high-end equipment, which may consequently cost you more.

Infested Area

Infested Area

Pests can plague any hidden area of your property. The common places where pests mostly thrive are ceilings, attics, inside walls, sockets, doors, cabinets, storage rooms, basements, and furniture.

Sometimes, there are more challenging areas where pests intrusively dwell that are much harder to discover and reach. This kind of scenario will require the pest control team to dig deeper and be more careful in exterminating the pests.

Type of Pest

Every pest is different. Some pests like rodents are extremely challenging, while others are not as pesky or troublesome. Also, pest control experts treat each pest differently. Depending on the nature and the severity of damage that a type of pest can inflict, your fee for a pest control service may vary as well.

Method Used for Treatment

Pest control specialists use different methods and devices to exterminate. Some methods used are Ceptiva powder application, gel baiting, fogging, misting, rat baiting, and spraying. The cost and effectiveness of the materials as well as the equipment used are also things that will contribute to the cost of pest control services in the Philippines.

Number of Treatments Done

Some treatments need more than just one day to be done, which means more time and effort from the pest control team. That said, the frequency of the pest treatment is one of the major bases of your charge. This may also refer to the different methods used to eliminate the pests, which is applicable if you’re dealing with more than just one type of pest.

Skill of the Pest Control Service Provider

Skill of the Pest Control Service Provider

Availing pest control services from a professional pest control company would cost more. The higher price is for good reasons, though.

First off, it’s the quality of the service. Services that deliver real results are outcomes of proper training, extensive experience, and expertise, which take years. Furthermore, it’s the established reliability and integrity of the company. The trust and level of guarantee are also factors that affect the value of pest control services.

To get deeper insights on why pest control services from professional pest control companies have greater value, here are the advantages of hiring a pest control company in Metro Manila.

Location of the Pest Control Company

The location of the pest control service provider is one of the factors that dictate the fee that you will have to pay. The reason is that the pest control team also spends time and money traveling to your place. Traveling alone can already cost them their fuel and travel fees, as well as eat up much of their time if your place is far away.

Key Takeaway

Pest control may be pricey, but if it is provided by an expert pest control company, it is going to be worth it. If you want to understand more about why availing of pest control services from a team of pest control professionals is a must, here are the benefits of pest control companies for different industries.

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