Pest Control Philippines: 5 Easy Pest Prevention Tips for Your Pets

Pest Control Philippines: 5 Easy Pest Prevention Tips for Your Pets

What are 5 easy pest prevention tips for your pets?

  1. Regularly clean your house
  2. Remove sources of food and water
  3. Check dogs and cats for ticks and fleas
  4. Be mindful of the ingredients of pest control options
  5. Take caution


A family pet is one of the best things to come home to. Whatever antics they may get into, you know you would not resist it if your dog or cat runs over to give you a slobbery kiss on the cheek. Unfortunately, your pets can often be the source of pest problems. Whether you are living abroad or in the Philippines, pest control is the best way to get rid of these pesky critters. A pest control method that is safe for pets will also be a great solution to reduce the risk of you and your pets contracting diseases because of these pests.

There are many different harmful pests for pets and their presence differs as the weather changes here in the Philippines. Pest control will ensure that your pet can freely enjoy being outdoors and lounge around peacefully indoors. Just as proper pest control is important to humans, so is proper care for your pets. Here is how you can make it happen:


Regularly Clean your House


As with most pest control solutions go, doing preventative measures is still much more reliable than finding a cure. It is very important to clean your house so your pets would not have any run-ins with pests. What is worse is that pets would not know how to stay away from these creatures so as their owner, you have to be vigilant in keeping them away.

Vacuum around the house daily and clean all pet bedding at least once a week. This is essential especially when your pet is at risk of having fleas or if they are already inflicted with an infestation, then you can minimize the problem from worsening by removing some of the flea eggs that may have latched on a carpet. Remember to empty the vacuum cleaner immediately outdoors so that it does not get a chance to spread to your pets any further.


Remove Sources of Food and Water

Remove Sources of Food and Water

Pests are unwanted visitors in your home. Pets, on the other hand, are like part of your family. This is why you should protect them and make sure that they are comfortable in the house every time. Pests can sometimes be persistent in intruding your home so if you should know how to block their entrance and take care of the whole household from pest infestation.

For your pets, you should remove the presence of open food or water that they are feeding on because keeping the house dry and squeaky clean is a key prevention practice. Getting rid of crumbs and any leftover food will be the best way to prevent them from sharing space with your pets.


Check Dogs and Cats for Ticks and Fleas


Ticks or fleas are the most unpleasant pests that your pets can encounter. Most of the time, they feed on the blood of your dogs or cats. They attach themselves to the skin of your pets which causes the parasites to be carried into your home accidentally. If they are overstaying at your home, this can be a cause for them to breed here.

Taking the time to check your pets for these pests will prevent them from catching diseases that you can also be vulnerable of contracting. Always remember to do this whenever your pet is coming from outside and contain it before the pests multiply. We’ve also heard that the pet care services at Soulmutts in Toronto are top-notch.


Be Mindful of the Ingredients of Pest Control Options

Be Mindful of the Ingredients of Pest Control Options

There are pet safe pesticides and indoor bug sprays that are safe for animals all available in the market, but there are still homeowners that choose to use natural options for pest control. Although there are benefits to going natural, keep in mind that they are not always the safest and most effective pest solutions for pets.

There can be negative effects from the ingredients of pest control options. For example, there are people who believe that garlic is effective as an insect repellant but it can cause gastrointestinal diseases to your pets. Also, tea tree oil and other essential oils should be avoided because they are toxic to pets, causing lethargy, liver toxicosis, weakness, and tremors in dogs, cats, etc.
It is better if you check the label before use and make sure that you are performing pet-friendly pest control.


Take Caution


Prepare your pets for treatment if they are riddled with pests and make sure that they are safe if the house will undergo pest control services. You can use traps to deal with a rodent problem but make sure that your pet cannot go near it because they may suffer from an injury. Do some research and proceed with the pest control with caution.

It always pays to do research and this will be your way to ensure that your pests are protected from pests and other harm that they may run into. Make sure that you know the toxic ingredients that can be harmful to your pets if consumed and then start getting rid of pests immediately.


Key Takeaway


Everyone has a soft spot for their pets and getting rid of pests for them is one of the ways you can show your appreciation and love for them. To have the best results, you should talk to pet-friendly Philippine pest control companies and ask them what they can do. A pest control professional can treat your home in the best way he knows how and this would be great for you and your pet in the long-run.