5 Pest Control Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing

5 Pest Control Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing

What are the pest control mistakes you need to stop doing?

  1. Using DIY remedies for everything
  2. Getting rid of the pests and not the cause
  3. Looking for instant solutions
  4. Forgetting to be proactive
  5. Lacking in research


Most of you have probably experienced a pest infestation before. Whether it was rats, ants, cockroaches, or termites, it could become a big problem if not solved immediately.  But if you’re not seeing good results, there might be a few things that you’re doing wrong. Keep on reading for the pest control mistakes you need to stop doing.


Using DIY Remedies for Everything

There are a few things that you can do at home to prevent or help treat a pest infestation. Here are some examples:

  • Vacuuming your home regularly for bed bugs
  • Using diatomaceous earth to kill cockroaches
  • Throwing away the water where mosquitos laid their eggs
  • Capturing a few mice with baits

But if you have a serious pest infestation, home remedies might not be able to help you much. This might be because not all tips you find can be beneficial for your situation. In some cases, you need to find the root cause and solve it from there. If you have a serious infestation, a pest control professional can help you tackle the root problem.


Getting Rid of Pests and Not the Cause

Getting Rid of Pests and Not the Cause

When you see a rat run across the room or ants crawling in your kitchen, what is your first instinct? Most homeowners would proceed to eliminate the pests. But if you want to solve the problem for good, it’s recommended to find the cause of the problem. This can help you from encountering the same issue in the future.

For instance, ants are able to get into your home through small cracks. If you check their trail, it can lead to gaps in the door or holes in the window. If you fix these, you can lessen the problem. Know the pests you’re dealing with and address the issue by finding the cause.


Looking for Instant Solutions

Plenty of homeowners are quick to use pesticides when they spot early signs of infestation. But spraying these chemicals in your home might be just a way for you to overcome your panic. When pesticides are not used properly, they might be harmful to you too. That’s why it’s recommended to hire a professional pest control team to handle the pesticides for you.

It’s also important to remember that pest control requires patience. A professional can help you see a significant change within days, but it requires proper inspection of your home and the right pest control methods. Other than that, you should also follow up once the problem is fixed to prevent it from happening again.


Forgetting to Be Proactive

Forgetting to Be Proactive

Most homeowners either neglect their pest problem or focus on reactive methods—such as spraying pesticides and the like. The idea of hiring a pest control professional only occurs when there is a serious infestation. But pest control should be a part of your housekeeping process.

For example, a messy home is one of the common reasons that you attract pests. Having exposed garbage cans, uncleaned pet waste, or leaky pipes signal flies, cockroaches, rats, and other pests to invade your home. Do you have untreated wood just lying around? You might also attract termites.


Lacking in Research

If you do try home remedies to solve the early signs of an infestation, be sure to follow the instructions and do your research. For example, you can’t expect the rats to take the bait if you don’t acclimate them to it first. Remember that these pests are neophobic, which means that they’re wary around new objects in the environment.

Another problem is using bug spray for everything. Not all pests will respond the same way to pesticides. Instead of helping, you might be worsening the problem and putting your housemates at risk. Fortunately, a pest control team can help you overcome this problem.


Key Takeaway

Pest control requires patience and consistency. You need to be proactive, do your research, find out the root cause, look for long-term solutions, and follow up. This way, you can get rid of the problem for good.

Now that you know the pest control mistakes you need to stop doing, you can contact Topbest for professional help! We can help you address the root problem whether you have a termite, rodent, cockroach, mosquito, or other pest problem.