“The More the Manier!” Pests that Attack in Packs


Pests can be described by pretty much any bad adjective you can find in the dictionary, from appalling to yucky. They wreak havoc on your waking moments, and even in your dreams! Your precious sanity’s just tested whenever you spot one of them in what is supposed to be a human home… so imagine what more when they come out packs. Invasion is upon you, and soon enough your own house won’t fell like home anymore. Why, specific pests we’re going to discuss now, why?!



These social creatures live and work together, helping their enlarged family to survive—enlarged family as in colony. It’s usually set right under your floors or in your walls—yikes! That’s why you have to call termite control here in the Philippines.

But it’s not just any other colony; it’s a smart one. See, termites stick to a caste system. They are classified into three types based on their functions: the worker, soldier, and reproductive termites. Together they feed, defend, and build their colony. And in good outdoor humidity and moisture levels, the reproductive termites go for it. That’s why they love the Philippines. Fascinating and frightening at the same time, as they have soldiers to defend themselves! Truly a colony tough for you to break down. But then again maybe you can just befriend them; after all, they are social creatures.



Everyone’s favorite bug! To kill. Roaches are a big family, and you know this even if you don’t see their lair—which is usually in the hidden, dark corners of your home; check at your own risk. Even if you think you have run out of roaches in the home, or that their visit was a one-time thing, well then you know nothing about them. Once momma and poppa roach have decided to relocate to your home, that means they bring the family to live with you.

See, momma and poppa roach may not mate too often, but when they do, momma’s sure to have more eggs laid than what you have in your fridge. And when the eggs hatch, you’re going to have their little angels crawling in your home, in a number that can equal or surpass the number of legs a millipede has. Soon every encounter with one is déjà vu, and in an endless loop—because, you know, they all look the same.


tumblr_nant1kHOvw1tjdhzyo1_500Ants are no simple bugs. Just like termites, their colony is unexpectedly clever, given their size. They, too, are social creatures.

Although ants share the basics of their caste system with termites, there are still differences, too. While termites have the reproductive caste, ants separate the male from the female, or the queen. They still share a job, though, it’s just that ants can have either one or more queens, and this affects how big their colony is. And in case you’re wondering where the other females went, remember the workers? All of them are females. Now as for the fathers? Well, their only purpose is to serve the queen. Once they do, back to dust they go. Suddenly recalling A Bug’s Life now, aren’t you?

Pests may be your worst nightmare, but they are living creatures too. You just don’t know it but they may have feelings, same as you do. Especially as they have families to care for. So take it easy on them. Enjoy their company—or not.