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I Have A Lot Of Dogs – Do Their Fleas and Ticks Also Feed On Humans?!

TopBest - Do Fleas and Ticks Feed On Humans

Are you crazy about dogs? I know I am! Who wouldn’t want to have these cute and furry little stress-relievers running around the house? They just make our homes so much livelier, especially if you’ve got a bunch. But of course, though more is merrier, more is also more responsibility. We have to keep ‘em all bathed and clean, not just for hugging, but because we don’t want them carrying fleas and have to risk getting their itch too.

Unfortunately, these pesky fleas are inevitable and I’m not even exaggerating. Even with preventive measures, we just can’t keep them from coming! And at some point in our dogs’ life, there is always a chance of them being infected. Fleas come from all sorts of places – from stray animals just “visiting” your home, out in the park where you walk your dogs, a ride in your car, or even from you! Yes, you! Fleas have a way of hiding in our clothes, furniture, and other things we least expect them to be hiding. But just because we might be carrying some of these pests, doesn’t mean they will start living on you.

Types of Fleas

There two types of fleas: the Human Fleas or the “Pulex Irritans” who feed on humans and pigs, and the “Ctenocephalides felis/canis”(cat/dog fleas)  who feed on our pets. Human Fleas rarely infest homes unless the family is exposed to wildlife a lot. There is a reason why they have different hosts – it’s because of the nature of their hosts. The difference between you and your dog is that your dog has fur, which the dog fleas can cling to and live in. HOWEVER, even if you don’t have fur, they can still bite you if they don’t find a host!

Especially when there’s just so many of them because they start competing against each other on who gets to feed on your dog. So when there’s too many of them, you better have your dogs treated for fleas and ticks because if not, you’re going to be their next prey! Don’t forget that the main thing these flees want is blood and you know you have lots of them too.

Before these pests gets out of hand and start biting you, you should get rid of them once you start seeing even just one of them on your dog. If you’re not sure because you have lots of dogs and it’s very hard to inspect fur, you should call your vet and ask for a prescription of tick drops to kill off these pests. However, if you see these ticks and fleas crawling not just on your dog, but on your curtains, furniture or bed – you better call pest control instead. Yeah it rhymes, and it makes a lot of sense too!

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