The Importance of Pest Control After COVID-19

Pest / termites control services on wood stair in the new house that have termites signs inside it.

What is the importance of pest control after COVID-19?

  1. Prevention of disease spreading
  2. Keeping customers and staff healthy
  3. Resumption of operations


Experts have predicted that there is no clear timeline for the end of the COVID-19 virus. Many people even have the opinion that it’s just something that people will have to learn how to live with. As the world moves towards a whole “new normal” where health and safety are brought to the fore, it’s now crucial more than ever to understand the importance of pest control after COVID-19 — or at least after a time where the threat of contracting the virus will no longer seem imminent.

The pest control industry was no doubt one of the most impacted sectors during the economy. With hotels, retail centers, businesses, and other commercial establishments temporarily closing down, there was likely lower demand for these services. But as the economy slowly reopens and vaccinations have begun rolling out in other countries, pest control will certainly be on the top of the list for most of these affected industries. Read on to learn more.


Prevention of Disease Spreading

Coronavirus Pandemic. A disinfector in a protective suit and mask sprays disinfectants in the house or office

The main function of pest control in its simplest idea is to control or totally eliminate the spread and presence of pests in a given location. These pests can be anywhere from termites, cockroaches, flies, mosquitos, ants, or even vermin — some of which are carriers of diseases that can attack the immune system of a human being.

Keeping this in mind, pest control will become integral in counteracting the spread of certain diseases that may be borne from pests. Some Aedes species of mosquitoes, for example, may be infected and can be carriers of dengue. Unless mild and asymptomatic, the symptoms for dengue may manifest as fevers, rashes, and muscle pains — all of these can worsen with a COVID-19 co-infection.

Pest control services are present to prevent this extreme situation from ever happening in the first place. Businesses would benefit from a more frequent visit by their local service provider, either on a quarterly or monthly basis as needed.


Keeping Customers and Staff Healthy

In the latter stages of the pandemic, governments around the world felt confident enough to allow the reopening of commercial businesses, even non-essential ones, such as malls, clothing stores, restaurants, gyms, hotels, and the like. With the lifting of restrictions, these businesses were likewise tasked to make sure that their facilities are safe for use by both employees and customers.

For example, a restaurant’s cleaning crew might make the effort of sanitizing all areas such as dining spaces, kitchens, parking lots, bathrooms, and other high-touch surfaces. But there’s very little guarantee that this would be enough without the assistance of a pest control service.

If you own a business, hiring pest control can guarantee that your establishment will receive the most comprehensive level of sanitation. Professionals in this industry have been trained to identify specific problem areas and provide a personalized solution that meets the needs of every customer.

With pest control, reopening a business after the pandemic can be done much more safely, with a better assurance that the customers and the staff won’t experience health issues due to the presence of pests.


Resumption of Operations

Barista in face mark at coffee shop in new normal

In the age of a global pandemic, pest control and health and safety protocols come together. Here in the Philippines, before non-essential businesses can even safely be reopened, they would first have to be inspected by a government body to see if they are able to comply with safety guidelines and other requirements.

Government officials want to make sure that businesses are well-equipped to run and provide services to their customers in a safe manner. Social distancing, sanitizing, and pest control measures are part of the standards that these businesses have to meet. Without implementing just one of these services, then the business may find it challenging to resume operations even at a less than full capacity.


Key Takeaway

The importance of pest control services after COVID-19 should not be underestimated, especially when the capacity to implement safety guidelines seem to define the recovery for many businesses and industries.

As mentioned in the article, pest control serves not only as criteria for businesses to meet but also as a crucial factor in curbing the spread of diseases that can compromise the immune system. It also assures that businesses are able to safely reopen without any potential harm to customers or staff.

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