How To Keep Rats Away During Rainy Season

How To Keep Rats Away During Rainy Season

How do you keep rats away during the rainy season?

  1. Perform an inspection
  2. Clean up clutter
  3. Get rid of food sources
  4. Close entryways
  5. Call a professional pest control team


During the rainy season — when temperatures drop and the surroundings are wet — rats are more likely to seek a warm and dry shelter with a steady source of food and water. Your home, commercial establishment, or industrial facility can provide all these things and invite rats to get through small openings into the property. Rats can also reproduce very quickly, cause a serious infestation, damage your property, and spread diseases. To prevent these, below are some tips on rodent control and how to keep rats away during the rainy season. 


Perform an Inspection   

Perform an Inspection   The sooner you see rats on your property, the better you can take action. Perform an inspection to check for signs of a rat infestation. Below are some tips you can follow:

  • Listen for scurrying and gnawing sounds, especially after dark. 
  • Look for hiding places in and around stored materials and furniture. 
  • Look for signs of chewing and gnawing on doors, windows, baseboards, electrical cords, and other materials. 
  • Inspect foundations, walls, and embankments for freshly dug earth. 
  • Check rub marks and dark smears near pipes, beams, edges of stairs, and hallways. 
  • Spot droppings near walls, pathways, and food supplies. Fresh droppings, which are soft and dark, are a sign of an infestation. 
  • Check for daily signs of feeding by placing some food where rats can eat. 


If you don’t have a current infestation but don’t want to risk it either, it would be best to examine your property and look for entry points, clutter, and food sources that can invite rats in. 


Clean Up Clutter

To prevent rats from choosing your property as their home during the rainy season, it’s best to clean regularly. Clutter is an attractive nest for rodents, and they love to live where there are plenty of nesting materials that can provide warmth. This includes cardboard, shredded newspaper, and the like. 


Make sure to get rid of common rat shelters. To do this, ensure that appliances, such as the ones on The Appliance Guys, and cabinets are flush against the wall, or check and clean behind them regularly. Replace wooden floors with poured concrete. Throw away junk piles and keep the property clean and trash-free. Check areas you don’t clean often — such as basements and attics — where rats can sneak in. 


Get Rid Of Food Sources

Get Rid Of Food SourcesDuring the rainy season, your property can be an attractive shelter for rats because it can provide them with a steady supply of food. That’s why one of the best ways to keep them away is to remove food and water sources.


Make sure that all food and water are covered in rodent-proof containers. This type of container is made of thick plastic, glass, or metal, and has a tight lid. Always feed your pets only enough food and throw away the rest. 


After cooking and eating, make sure to wash dishes, pans, and other cooking utensils. Leftover food must be removed. Make sure to dispose of garbage often and always have trash covered properly. 


Close Entryways

To keep rats away during the rainy season, think of all the places where they can get in, and seal those. Rats can easily enter buildings through cracks or holes in walls. They can easily get in through open doors, windows, grates, or vents. 


If possible, invest in self-closing doors to ensure that entryways are always sealed. Always perform regular inspections to check if doors and windows close tightly. If you want to keep a window open, use metal screens. 


Call A Professional Pest Control Team

Call A Professional Pest Control TeamIf you already see rats in your home, you can remove them through traps. Be careful because this method requires caution. For an effective rat infestation solution, you can call an expert pest control team like Topbest. Don’t wait too long because one rat can quickly result in a major rat infestation. This is especially important during the rainy season when many rats seek a warm shelter where they can also find food! A pest professional can help you with rat prevention too. 


Our trained pest control experts here at Topbest will be able to locate the root of the problem and deal with it properly. Rest assured because we are trained and experienced in combating pests in a non-toxic and environmentally sound way. 


Key Takeaway

The method of how to keep rats away during the rainy season is similar to what you should be doing all year round. First, you need to perform an inspection, so you know the next steps to take. You can prevent rats from targeting your home by cleaning up areas where they can take shelter. Get rid of food sources and seal off entry points to your property. 


If you’re having a rat infestation problem, don’t hesitate to call us here at Topbest! One of our most effective services is rodent prevention and control. We can help you keep rats away during this rainy season in the Philippines, so you don’t have to worry about the damage, disease, and contamination caused by rats! Click here to schedule a free consultation.