How Household Pests Celebrate Christmas (and Ruin Yours)

Believe it or not, pests “celebrate” Christmas much more often than we do. They do it whenever they could, not just during Decembers but on the other months as well! And they do it for more than just one reason, as you’ll find out below. It would have been okay for us, had they not ruined our own holidays in their excitement!

That, my friend, is why it’s always important to have pest control visit especially before the holidays. Otherwise;

They Will Eat Your Food

they love food

Pests stay in homes because that’s where a lot of food is, period. And whenever they’re near your residence, the first area they’ll scout is your trash bins. However, they also make raids on kitchens since that’s where they’ll find really good food. So make sure you keep your food in places where cockroaches and rats can’t get their dirty hands on it, particularly those dishes you’ve spent hours preparing in celebration of the Yuletide season. Make no mistake, they’ll do whatever it takes just to satisfy their tummies, and they have huge appetites despite their size!

They Will Eat Your Decorations

decorating gifts

Unfortunately, pests don’t just eat human food; they also have a thing for the flora that grows in your home. Many of the plants that ornament your home for the holidays are edible and appetizing for different kinds of bugs, and your Christmas tree makes a fine feast for termites, balsam woolly adelgid, and other vermin. The worst part is, they also have to compete with certain types of fungi and bacteria as well as with numerous rodents. Imagine letting these guys have a free-for-all party in your house? Yikes!

They Will Open Your Gifts

opening gifts

As soon as they’re done gorging on your food and your Christmas plants, some of the pests start opening the gifts (not theirs, mind you). The books and anything else made of wood goes to the termites and other cellulose-consuming bugs. Meanwhile rats, ants, and other vermin fight over any wrapped food that’s lying beneath the tree. Some of them might even go for the children’s toys as some of these products contain a plastic component that’s attractive for rodents.

They Will Try to Entertain You and Your Guests


The pests won’t just gatecrash into your party and leave without saying hello. In fact, some of them might even try to make small conversation with you and your pals. Their efforts, even if they mean well, would only serve to turn off your guests, some of whom might leave your house screaming their lungs out.

They Will Overstay Their Welcome


Not content with ruining your Christmas party, they make up excuses to stay in your house for the time being. They’ll say that it’s cold outside, that they have nowhere else to go and nothing else to eat, and that it’d would be unkind for you to cast them out. While you’re morally bound to welcome some “pests” for the holidays, these guys make an excellent exception! Send them out immediately and without mercy!

As you can see, our family and friends aren’t the only ones who are looking forward to the Christmas party you’re preparing in your home; so are those pests that plague us from time to time. In fact, some of these bugs and rodents might be even more excited to spend Christmas in your home than many of your human guests. So better make sure that pest control is at hand since they will make a few attempts to gatecrash your celebration.