House Check: 3 Reasons Why Rats Love To Chill At Your House


Rats are exponential creatures. What do I mean by that? Let’s say 2 rats decide to chill at your house and start to multiply… Did you know that in 18 months, those 2 rats will have already had more than 1 million descendants?! Exponential creatures. And that’s quite an accurate picture when talking about rat infestations in the Philippines. We Filipinos just tend get used to the rats. We’re not doing anything about it. But now that you know the consequence of your apathy, maybe you’re thinking of hiring the best pest control in the Philippines before you find a million rats in your house, eh?


Wouldn’t you want to NOT have to call pest control? Because that’s possible. It’s possible to not let 2 rats breed in your home. And the first step to not doing that is to not offer you house as a hotel for rats.

Maybe you’re guilty of these 3 reasons why rats would love to chill in your house…


1. You Give Them An Unblocked Port Of Entry

Rats can live anywhere they want, they aren’t necessarily picky beings. However, when these vermin are ready to mate n’ multiply, that’s when they start to invade our houses. Hence, we have to be extra careful, because when these rats get comfy in our homes, they will breed – and that will have been the start of a colony that will bring plagues of horror into our home: eaten wires and furniture, not to mention leptospirosis, kidney, liver and heart problems.

What to do:

Check the outer façade of your house. Do you see little holes? A hole the size of a quarter is all it takes. If you see possible points of entry, seal them immediately. Also, don’t forget to keep your doors closed. It would be silly to literally let the rats in through the front door. Watch out for branches hanging out to the roof of your house,


2. You Invite Them By Not Cleaning Up

Rats prefer houses with poor sanitation. This way they can gnaw and chew whatever’s lying around. Dirty houses also mean more cover and hiding places for them, so the dirtier the better for these vermin.

What to do:

First of all, be conscious of your garbage. At the end of the day, make sure to throw your garbage out – as in literally out, especially your kitchen garbage. Or if you’re too lazy to do that, then just keep lids on your bins. Next, and probably the more obvious – clean your house. Sweep and mop the floors regularly


3. You Leave Them Crumb Smorgasbords

If we were to sum up why houses love our houses, there would be just 2 reasons: food and shelter. Yes, even Maslow’s hierarchy of needs apply to these pesky pests


What to do:

After eating, make sure that you CLAYGO (clean as you go). Dispose of leftovers properly and make sure to leave no crumbs. If you let this crumb pile build up on you, it’s literally like serving these rats a smorgasbord.