Home Sanitation Tips Against COVID-19

Home Sanitation Tips Against COVID-19

What are some COVID-19 home sanitation tips?

  1. Prevent moisture build-up
  2. Clean up debris
  3. Proper disposal of trash
  4. Wipe high-touch surfaces
  5. Wash bed sheets regularly

Protecting your home against COVID-19 is all about following proper sanitation practices. Though you may be aware of the basics of properly sanitizing your home, you need to go the extra mile, especially when it comes to arming it against the virus and keeping the entire household safe. Following the right home sanitation tips against COVID-19 can easily help you in this endeavor.

There has never been an inopportune moment in keeping your household environment clean. As restrictions have been relaxed in many parts of the country and as people are allowed to go outdoors, there’s no such thing as being too careful. Read on to find out more about the most effective sanitation tips you can use for your household.


Prevent moisture build-up

An effective way of sanitizing parts of your home, and subsequently keeping it free from pests, is by reducing the level of humidity in each room. Different kinds of insects and bugs like cockroaches, moisture ants, and termites are always looking for food and water. Your job is to make sure that they won’t be able to find any source of this in your home.

There are many ways for you to reduce the humidity levels in your home. You can invest in a dehumidifier to improve the house’s ventilation function. Another simple method is to ensure there are no sources of stagnant water, especially in bathrooms and kitchen spaces.


Clean up debris

Clean up debris

If you haven’t had any yard work done in the past few days, then you may not have any idea on just how messy this is. Simply stacking objects such as unused wood paneling, empty cartons, and the like, is enough to attract pesky and disease-carrying animals to your home.

Make sure you clean up random debris lying around whether inside the house, or in the yard area, through sweeping. This increases your chances of protecting yourself against these pests and subsequently avoiding the contraction of potentially dangerous sicknesses.


Proper disposal of trash

As you may already be aware, COVID-19 is a highly viral illness that attacks the human respiratory system. People with pre-existing conditions are more at risk of experiencing this disease in its entirety. At first, proper disposal of trash lying around in your household can be inconsequential — but it can make all the difference.

Since you’re spending the majority of your time at home, you may have the habit of just leaving food wrappers and other plastic packaging at random locations. You may not see it now, but this practice can make your home become a breeding ground for common household pests like termites, cockroaches, ants, and vermin. Always make sure that you’re sweeping the floors for crumbs, and throwing out these wrappers in the proper bins.


Wipe high-touch surfaces

Wipe high-touch surfaces

Preventing COVID-19 or any kind of virus from affecting the quality of your health is all about limiting physical contact between individuals. One way the virus is transmitted is through droplets and sometimes these droplets can easily find their way onto surfaces, especially those which are constantly touched by different individuals.

You’d keep everyone in your family safer from the virus by paying attention to objects like doorknobs, remote controls, sink faucets, phones, table surfaces, and light switches, just to name a few.

Before wiping each one of them, ensure you’re getting rid of dust and dirt first. Next, you may use a multi-purpose cleaner to wipe them clean and then finish off the task by applying disinfectants like isopropyl alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide for maximum effect.


Wash bed sheets regularly

Since you’re already permitted to go outdoors, albeit in a limited fashion, you’d likely be exposing yourself to unknown substances. These substances may stick to your clothing. Knowing this, you may also want to make it a habit to regularly wash your sheets. Your outdoor clothes aren’t fit for your home — even more so if they come into contact with common bedsheets.

Aside from taking precautions such as taking a bath as soon as you get home, make sure that you’re setting a schedule to thoroughly clean your sheets. This makes them fit for use the next time around, allowing you to maintain the overall quality of health in the household.


Key Takeaway

The most effective home sanitation tips against COVID-19 don’t have to be too complicated. Most of this can be achieved through simply regular washing of bed sheets, proper waste management, or even just cleaning debris. But since you’re dealing with a viral infection, you’d likely do well by adapting your practices to accommodate high-touch surfaces like door handles, light switches, and the like.

The simple guide above will hopefully assist you in getting on the right path to have a clean home for a COVID-19 free environment.