Home Remedies: Tick Removal


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Ticks can be a problem, especially during the summer season when most of us can’t seem to just stay indoors where there is an ample amount of shade. Instead, many of us clamor for the unbearable heat that comes with the season. After all, this is the time to show of that gym body you have been working on since yesteryear. But do you know “what” else is excited for this year’s heat wave?

That’s right: ticks. Ticks are more active during summer, not to mention more deadly. So what’s the best way to keep a growing infestation in check? Call Topbest, of course! We are a pest control service that makes use of Sentricon here in the Philippines. And we guarantee to turn your pest nightmares into sweet, pest-free dreams. However, if you prefer something more natural, or even more of DIY means of tick prevention, not to worry, we also got you covered!


Gotta Love Garlic!

Garlic has many uses, mostly in kitchen, but did you know you can also use them against ticks? Turns out, Dracula is not the only one who despises garlic, ticks hate them as well! If you grate a single clove and rub it on the tick, you will find that they tend to just fall off onto the ground. Just make sure to immediately clean up before they go hide somewhere else inside your home. However, though it is a very effective repellent against ticks, use garlic with extreme caution as it is considered quite poisonous for dogs. Give your dog a bath after his garlic wash!

Give Them Some Vitamin C.

You know what sounds good right about now? A basket full of lemons and oranges to match the sweltering heat of the sun. You know what doesn’t sound as appetizing to ticks? A spray bottle filled to the brim with citrus concentrate. Use this to your advantage as ticks simply cannot stand the oil extracted from citrus fruits. You can even create your very own DIY tick repellent by boiling peels of lemons and oranges. Cool the solution for a while, if it’s ready to use, carefully apply it on your pets’ infected area. If you don’t have these fruits with you at the moment, you can also make use of orange juice as a substitute, but with a dash of lemongrass on the side.

Warning: don’t use this DIY repellent on cats since they are also not fond of the citrus’ aroma.

Whip that Fur Back And Forth.

Going out for a walk is a fan favorite activity during summer. But it is even more fun if you’re accompanied by your ball of fluff of a best friend. After all, going on adventures won’t be the same without your dog or cat by your side. Unfortunately, once you step inside of your home, unbeknownst to your knowledge you already have invited unwanted guests into your abode. Make it a habit to comb your pets’ fur after your walks. This will keep your pet hygienic and prevent ticks from completely latching onto their skin before it is too late. In the end, the best solution is, and always will be, prevention.


Don’t let the threat of a tick invasion ruin your summer vacation. Go out, have fun with your furry baby and enjoy the hot summer sun. Just follow these simple tips and you will be tick free!