4 Home Remedies for Cockroach Control

Dead cockroach on floor

What are some home remedies for cockroach control?

  1. Conduct thorough cleaning
  2. Cockroach traps
  3. Chemical baits
  4. Diatomaceous earth


If you’re looking for cockroach control home remedies, then chances are there’s already an infestation at your home. These pests are some of the most destructive — next to termites. Not only does their presence create an unsightly environment, but they may also be carriers of diseases that can cause physical discomforts, allergies, or even fatal diseases.

Fortunately, you don’t have to despair when it comes to getting rid of these vermin. Some effective home remedies include: Conducting thorough cleaning, placing cockroach traps, chemical baits, diatomaceous earth, and the like. Of course, when your infestation has already worsened to the point of no return, you also have the option of calling your local pest control service.

As much as possible, these measures should be preventive. Read on to learn how you can effectively practice them to get rid of cockroaches once and for all.


Conduct Thorough Cleaning

Woman cleaning the house

Cockroaches thrive in warm environments, especially in tropical locations such as the Philippines. In order to facilitate their survival, they have to rely on food sources such as leftover food, crumbs, garbage, pet food, and the like. To prevent your home from harboring these pesky creatures, the first step is to conduct a thorough cleaning of all the areas in your house.

First, you’ll need to start with the most easily-soiled locations, like the kitchen, dining room, or bathroom. Before, during, and after meal preparation, for example, make sure that food scraps are properly thrown in a waste disposal bin. Avoid leaving out any scraps on the table or in the sink, as these could attract the cockroaches.

For your dining area, on the other hand, make sure that every surface is free from grime or grease. When not in use, wipe each countertop, stove, table, and chair with an all-purpose cleaner. Make sure there is no residue or bits and pieces of food left.

In the bathroom, as well as other general areas inside the house, it’s a good habit to dust, clean, and mop every day, if possible. Sanitize every surface with the right cleaning implements and organize the space to ensure proper sanitation.


Cockroach Traps

Another effective roach control practice that you can do is to place cockroach traps in different locations around your home. These can easily be purchased in your local hardware, supermarket, and department stores at a low cost — make sure to buy as many as you need to get all areas of your house covered.

Place cockroach traps in strategic locations, such as the kitchen, dining area, living room, or even your bedroom. These traps don’t take a long time to set up: Simply leave the adhesive surface facing upright and wait at the end of the day to inspect if there are any pests that fell prey to them.


Chemical Baits

Dead cockroach on floor

Similar to cockroach traps, you can also purchase chemical baits that are just as effective. Many homeowners usually practice this technique in combination with other tips to get the best results.

The formulation for chemical baits is similar to popular insecticides in the market, but they’re easier to use for two reasons: One is that you don’t have to move around the house yourself just to simply catch the cockroaches in action. Second is, you only need to lie in wait until the bait attracts these pests.

A cockroach chemical bait contains a food-based substance — which attracts the cockroaches — as well as slow-acting insecticides. Once ingested, it will take only a few seconds until a minute until the cockroaches get poisoned and die.


Diatomaceous Earth

If you prefer natural and toxic-free remedies for your home, then the diatomaceous earth is the most suitable choice. It’s a powder-like compound that contains natural ingredients such as silica and diatoms — made out of fossilized animal remains. This product isn’t difficult to find and is oftentimes sold in hardware or even online shops.

Diatomaceous earth products may have different recommendations when it comes to the application, but it typically involves spreading the substance using a teaspoon in the affected area. Aside from cockroaches, this substance can also kill a vast range of other bugs and insects like bed bugs, fleas, silverfish, ants, and the like.

Set out the powder in such a way that it forms a line. Pests will instantly die upon contact with the powder. For best results, avoid vacuuming the powder or dusting it off.


Key Takeaway

In this guide, you’ve found out some of the cockroach control home remedies that are effective against this, and other types of pests. As mentioned before, using these techniques in combination without the other is a good practice. Consistently practice them and you’ll soon have a cockroach-free home.

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