“You’re hired!” 5 Animals that Should Work for Pest Control

The first thing that comes into your mind whenever there’s an infestation of vermin in your home is call the best pest control in the Philippines. While they are very capable of getting rid of the annoying pests in your home, it’s fun to daydream about other ways to get rid of the little buggers. And one of these is having your pets do all the dirty work.

Now don’t take it the wrong way. There are animals that are really cut out for the job! Want to meet them? Here are five examples:



In case you’re still wondering, this fish eats mosquito larvae. They’re not above eating mosquitoes and other small insects either, as long as it’s available. It has a huge appetite, usually consuming up to 167% its total body weight daily. This is one of the best sea creatures to keep in your pond or aquarium. Authorities even acknowledge their usefulness, introducing them in areas with high mosquito infestation in an effort to decrease it.



This elegant lizard generally eats insects, although a few larger species are known to prefer small birds and other inferior lizards. Like frogs, they are armed with a long tongue which they employ by ballistically projecting it to capture their prey. Plus, they have stealth mode; they can change color to camouflage themselves whenever they feel threatened or simply to hide its presence during food hunting.



This carnivore feeds on insect larvae, annelid worms, and freshwater yabby and shrimps. They have cheek-pouches which they use to catch and carry their prey. Their consumption rate is about 20% their own body weight and they normally spend about 12 hours just to look for food. Get a couple of these and you’ll have a special pest control team that’ll work 24 hours a day (you’ll just have to train them to work in shifts).



Got an ant and termite infestation in your home? The aardvark lives on ants and termites, using its long pig-like snout to sniff out the vermin, its sharp claws and strong legs to dig them out of their lair and its long tongue to eat. And the best part is aardvarks are nocturnal animals. They’ll work through most of the night while you sleep soundly.

Komodo dragon


The closest thing to a dinosaur you’ll ever meet, komodo dragons make great, albeit unusual, pets. These carnivores can help you get rid of various types of unwanted rodents and birds as well as the insects infesting your home. You can even set them on trespassers or unwelcome visitors (Just kidding!). They have such a large appetite that they can swallow a goat whole! The only thing you have to watch out for when taking care of this lizard is the venom in their saliva.

Honestly speaking, wouldn’t it be cool to own these animals as pets, not just for your pest and termite problems? These animals deserve to roam free though, so if we were you we’d leave them be and call pest control instead.