Rodent over Termites: Philippine Control in Pests has Never Been This Good

Rodent over Termites: Philippine Control in Pests has Never Been This Good

Which types of rodents will be good as pets?

  1. Gerbils: Gerbils are hyperactive pets that are entertaining to watch.
  2. Guinea Pigs: Adventurous and friendly rodents that love to explore.
  3. Hamsters: Playful pets at night.
  4. Mice: An entertaining pet to watch.
  5. Rats: These make good pets if these are domesticated.


While doing proper pest and termite control in the Philippines is a need in every Filipino home, there are rodents that you don’t want to kill. In fact, there are a few species that actually make good pets! These are the following:


Gerbils make decent pets, however, they tend to bite their owners unless they’ve gotten used to this in their earlier years. This means that if you happen to find a gerbil roaming around your home, then it might be better for you to contact pest control services instead. Or you may ask your neighbors if they happen to lose one.

For those who want gerbils as pets (instead of pests), you may want to head over to your nearest pet shop, so you can be assured that it will grow tame and does not have the tendency to bite you!

As pets, gerbils are really fun because they are super hyperactive. This is why if you happen to have one, be sure to invest in a good hamster wheel or a hamster ball so they could entertain themselves.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs

If you’re looking for a less bite-y version of a gerbil, then you should get a guinea pig! These pets rarely bite and are more social. In fact, they love to be cuddled and may whistle at you when they recognize you as their owner! Just be sure not to turn them on their backs; they hate that and find it annoying.

If you are planning to be a guinea pig owner, then you might want to prepare a huge habitat for them since they love to have a lot of space. If you couldn’t afford to give them that, then provide them with a ball that will let them roam around your house to satisfy their need for exploration.


Like gerbils, hamsters tend to be nippers – unless they were with you since they were a youngling. However, there is a bit of difference and it lies to them being less social than gerbils because they are nocturnal creatures by nature. This means that you won’t be able to interact with them much during the day. But do expect them to be playful while you are asleep. Thus, you will want a mouse wheel that isn’t so squeaky. It’s better, actually, to get them a cage with a lot of tunnels so that they can play around without making too much noise.



Naturally, mice are not fond of being handled so you need to keep them in their cage. In fact, it may take them up to 3 weeks of regular contact for them to give you their trust. Instead of trying to hold them within this time frame, show them that they can care for them by properly feeding them and providing them with a nice habitat. Afterwards, you’ll find that you will be able to handle them without them nipping you. Although, watching them could be entertaining enough because much like hamsters, they can be quite playful.

Are you looking to be a pet owner of your very own Stuart Little? Be sure to head to a pet store and try not to domesticate just about any mice roaming in your home. After all, you never know what kind of diseases it might bring you and your family.


Yes, companies that do termite control in the Philippines have these animals on their main target list. But, they can be domesticated from a young age (by a pet shop). All you need to do is socialize with them. If you do so, then you will quickly find out that they are very intelligent beings. Also, they can be trained, if you give them time.

Both males and females make good pets, but the males tend to be more relaxed. They are also very flexible creatures so you can play with them during any time of the day. Rats have the urge to play and exercise, so be sure to give them lots of toys.


Key Takeaway

As you can see, not all rodents are pests. Even rats can be pets if they are domesticated. So, especially when you have rodent pets, hold off for a while on calling the best pest control services. At the very least, talk to them about what you can do to ensure the safety of your rodent friends while driving away the intruders.