How to Get Rid of Pests in Your Car

man getting rid of pests in a car

How do you get rid of pests in your car?

  1. Don’t eat inside your car
  2. Throw out food wrappers
  3. Vacuum regularly
  4. Close windows
  5. Take your car to a fumigator


If you own a car, then you’re aware of the responsibilities you have to take on. Aside from the regular maintenance check-ups, you also have to consider ways on how to get rid of car pests that may burrow deep inside your car’s back and front seats.

There is always the danger of taking your vehicle’s cleanliness for granted. It starts with simply a single incident of missing your regular car wash. Just like raising a family, you can never be too complacent in the way you take care of your vehicle. If your car has a pest problem, continue reading to find out about the preventive and direct measures you can take to mitigate such an issue.


Don’t eat inside your car

man eating inside car

It’s a Monday morning and the sound of the alarm wakes you up. It’s thirty minutes past seven, and you’re already scrambling to get to work. You put on the first pair of blouse and slacks that you could find and hurriedly grab last night’s cold leftover tuna sandwich from the fridge. You enter your vehicle and begin driving down the street. As you much on the sandwich, several bread crumbs fall on the floor but you make no mind of it.

What you might not know is that such scenarios can lead to potentially annoying pest situations in your car. If you have the habit of eating inside your vehicle, then it would be in your best interest to stop now. These tiny crumbs can attract pesky ants that you might find difficult to get rid of especially if you can’t locate the source.

As a preventive pest control measure, it’s always your safest bet to just avoid eating inside your vehicle altogether.


Throw out food wrappers

In line with the first preventive measure, if you’re the kind of person who makes it a habit to eat inside your vehicle (it sometimes can’t be helped, after all) then you should have the presence of mind to throw out food wrappers after every time you finish your snack or meal.

Aside from being an effective way of maintaining your own hygiene, properly discarding food wrappers can avoid instances of ants invading your car seats or car floor. Some people have a tendency to leave wrappers in several parts of their vehicle, including cup holders, glove compartments, or even dashboards. They’re putting off the responsibility of disposing of them in the proper garbage bins, thinking they’ll be able to throw them out later.

A good way to be mindful of the trash in your vehicle is to have a small plastic bag with you at all times where you can initially throw all your wrappers. You can simply bring it with you after you use your vehicle until you can find the appropriate trash can to throw the entire bag.


Vacuum regularly

vacuuming car

Another best practice you can adopt to prevent pests from taking over your car’s interior is to schedule a vacuuming session. You may choose to vacuum your car every weekend, or whatever is a convenient schedule for you, as long as you do it regularly.

If you own a house vacuum and you have an electrical outlet in your garage, then you can simply just plug it in an extension cord and use the vacuum on your vehicle as you would inside your house. On another hand, a more convenient way is by simply purchasing a handheld car vacuum that is specialized for your vehicle.

Car vacuum cleaners come with attachments that could help gather dust particles or food crumbs that lie in small and difficult-to-reach areas of your vehicle.


Close windows

finger pushing car power window button

One of the most annoying experiences you might have encountered as a car owner is having to swat away at a mosquito that has entered your vehicle. It can be quite distracting when you find the mosquito constantly landing on your face as you steer the wheel.

To avoid such a situation from occurring, you should make sure none of these pests have entered your vehicle when you open your car door or when you open your window. If you haven’t turned on your vehicle’s engine yet, kill the insect immediately as soon as you’re able to catch it.


Take your car to a fumigator

When your car’s pest problem has gotten out of hand, it may seem hopeless for you. You find yourself not being able to sit comfortably because you constantly have to slap your steering wheel just to kill an ant that’s just passing through.

In extreme cases, you won’t even be able to move your car a few meters without spotting a tiny cockroach hurriedly scurrying its limbs, only to be lost forever in the deepest recesses of your vehicle.

Mitigating this gravity of a pest problem is something that you can no longer do alone, so the best way to fix it is to bring your car to a fumigator. This type of service is not only limited to your house. There are many pest control companies that offer fumigating services for your vehicle, so you won’t have to look far.


Key Takeaway

Seeing bugs and insects invade your car can be a worrying find, especially if you don’t know how to deal with them. While you can always take preventive measures, sometimes, these pest situations can get out of hand. Hopefully, the guide above has equipped you with several effective tips to get rid of car pests, so you’ll eventually be able to handle them, the next time you encounter a similar problem.