Family Safety: Ticks Can Invade Your Home!

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What’s worse than a Spider you may ask? Well, try to think of a spider that is so small that the human eye can barely see it. But this little spider has significantly noticeable tick, aside from sucking your family’s blood; this pest brings all sorts of disease and can become fatal to both humans and pets. This little pest can only be the Ixodes Scapularis, simply known as the Tick. It’s time to hire termite control services.

These pests can invade your household without anyone noticing them. Quite simple because they have a bad habit of attaching themselves to unsuspecting pets like dogs and cats. A short stroll in the park may not be good idea because of them. Once the Tick latches itself onto you or your pets, it will instantly feed on the blood of its host until the tick becomes a walking sack of blood.

Tick tock – Ticks everywhere!

Now sure, they may be gross and all but they’re not that bad right? Wrong! Ticks are second only to mosquitos when it comes to spreading diseases on a massive scale worldwide. To name a few of the diseases tick bites may cause: Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Tularemia and Ehrlichiosis come to mind; all of which are harmful to both pets and humans. (No, you certainly will not be granted powers of a tick)

So these tiny, creepy crawlies are no pushovers, they can certainly do a lot of damage if left to thrive in your household especially because most modern families keep a pet or two at home.


So how does one address the infestation that is are ticks? There are few indicators that may help you determine whether your house is infested with these Arachnids:

Check your surroundings: Ticks are known to favor warm and moist areas, so it would be wise to check areas in your home with these said qualities.

Check your pets: Inspect your pets to determine if they have ticks clinging onto them because undiscovered ticks can cause long-term negative effects. Be sure to inspect their fur thoroughly as they tend to hide under your pet’s fur.

Check yourself: Checking oneself can be very tricky because tick bites are painless so you can’t really tell just rely on the feeling of being stung or bitten. If anyone gets bitten within your household, there is a list of symptoms that determine if they are indeed from ticks, mainly: Fever and/or chills, body aches and pains similar to the flu, headaches, fatigue, rashes. Of course, not all of these symptoms are for Tick bites only. So always be sure to ask for a second opinion from your local doctor.

Stop them before it gets worse!

After locating the ticks or confirming there is indeed an infestation in your home, the second step will be to contain the situation and prevent it from getting worse. Cleaning your house is a great way to prevent the ticks from bringing harm to your family. Spraying insecticide will also be an effective way to counter their plans to take over your house.

If things get out of hand and they are everywhere, do not fret, you can always rely on Topbest termite control services. We have the expertise and the know-how to counter and contain the Tick’s advances in your home. You don’t call in the teletubbies when a pack of ghosts try to invade New York City, you call in the Ghostbusters so by extension, if your home is suffering from an infestation of the insect kind, who are you going to call? TopBest!