Eye Openers: Why should you Contact a Termite Control Company?

call termite control

“Small but deadly.” This is probably the most perfect way to describe a single termite. Of course, a termite or two is no big deal. But do you want to make them grow first in a whooping number before calling a termite control company? Of course not!

But if you still doubt why you should call a termite control company, we’ve listed the reasons why.


Termites continually reproduce

Prepare for trouble. Make it double. Or triple. Or even a thousand more times. Termite colonies have a large population – the older the colony, the bigger the termite population is. Imagine, if a 5 year old colony may contain several thousand termites, what more of a 27 year old colony? It can contain millions of termites! The more the termites, the more they eat, the more items of your house might end up as termite food.

The wooden parts of your home are vulnerable

Is it your beautiful and intricate door? Or that sofa with frames made from narra? How about that gorgeous furniture made from hardwood? Or those well-maintained old frame for your paintings? These are only some of the items made of wood where termites may reside.

Our precious furniture pieces aren’t the only things made from wood. Our houses, one of the main places where we feel safe and sound, have parts that are made from wood. From the pillars inside to the plywood used as a frame for various parts of the house, especially for the roof part. No one would want to see their house crash after finding out that its wood foundations were munched by termites.

Everyone knows that we love the things in our own houses (considering that they may also cost a lot) so let’s not termites destroy each and every one of them.

Simple spraying won’t work

Unlike other pests like roaches, flies, and mosquitoes which freely roam the house thus can be sprayed or swatted with our slippers (a classic way to kill insects), termites live in wall cavities, framing members, or attic spaces – places where insecticides can’t penetrate. These are the places where termites often live, eat, and multiply, and only professionals and experts know how to deal with them.

Calling a termite control company immediately will save you a lot of money

We all know that repairs can cost a lot of money as compared to pest maintenance. Examples of these repairs are replacing this part by the window with a new one just because it was eaten by termites, or repainting a wooden table because it was inhabited by them. Without the professional’s help, you’ll be blindly repairing things in your house without actually solving the main problem. Immediately calling a professional pest controller will definitely save you a lot of money and time.


It may sound trivial, but these small critters are no small joke. Contact a termite control company (or a pest control company for all kinds of pests) to get rid of termites. Remember, it is better safe than sorry.