Efficient Ways to Pest-Proof Your Home this Holiday Season

We all know that the Christmas season tends to be tedious with the decorating and make-overs of our living rooms, kitchens and other areas of our houses. But just because you’re too busy trying to prep up your home to make it look good this Yuletide season doesn’t mean you have to leave it at the mercy of pests!

xmas tree

Hence, we’ve rounded up a few tips on how to efficiently pest-proof your home, specifying the necessary things to do when a particularly nasty bug tries to infest your sanctuary. Aside from calling on your trusty termite control, you’ll find the pointers below very helpful. Read on below!


March Away!

December is somewhat rainy in a lot of countries. This weather usually entails plenty of marching ants criss-crossing your kitchen. So what do you do in case you have this in your home? Chemical means could include the use of bug sprays and chalks. However, to efficiently keep them away forever, open up your spice cupboard and pick up some spice then strew them together. Upon doing so, tie them in your windows, where ants would originally break in or come from. You’ll be sure that they won’t be marching into your doorsteps pretty soon.


Turn the Buzz Off

Is there anything more annoying than the buzz of a fly? Prevent them from irritating you by planting an indoor herb garden near windows. It is effective to use basil, bay, mint and rosemary plants because these will definitely turn them off. Flies also hate the smell of herbs, by the way. So you should also hang pomanders and other herb scents in a bag or aromatic ball from doorways to windows.


Garlic Garlic Garlic!

We hope you like garlic because they are the real heroes when it comes to keeping the mosquitos from biting. As a matter of fact, consuming garlic is far more effective repellant, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Bloodsucking mosquitoes are annoyed by the scent alone of garlic so keep plenty of this spice in your house.


Tangled Web

Most humans fear the very presence of spiders. So although they can help you naturally kill other bugs such as mosquitoes, if you really want to repel them, eucalyptus is the best defense.


Bake the Roach!

Not literally, that’s disgusting! Roaches are the nastiest pests to ever exist. Many articles have been written about repelling them. But do you know the most foolproof way to kill them? Why, with baking soda! Just stir together equal parts white sugar and baking soda then place dabs in strategic spots in your house like behind appliances or crevices. Roaches will be attracted to the sugar then the baking soda will kill them off effectively.


You don’t need to spend too much money to pest-proof your home. Just follow the tips we listed above and for sure you’ll be spending the holidays bug free! But if you can’t handle dealing with the problem, you can always contact us and we’ll do the job for you!