How Effective is Sentricon Against Termites?

How Effective is Sentricon Against Termites?

How effective is Sentricon against termites?

  1. What is Sentricon?
  2. Key features of Sentricon
  3. How to use Sentricon
  4. Why use Sentricon?


Termite control is one of the most popular forms of pest control. Everyone is bound to encounter termites once in their lifetime. They’re pests that not only eat wood but also books and magazines. Depending on the species, each termite varies in size. However, the fact of the matter is they can all be difficult to deal with alone. You will need a good pest control service that only uses the most effective methods to bait and eliminate these pests.


What Is Sentricon?

What Is Sentricon?

The Sentricon System is a bait system that’s based on the behavior or the termites. It works by luring the termites to the bait. Sentricon is placed around the perimeter of the home. They’re arranged 9 feet or 3 meters apart per bait. Your pest control service can take care of this.

The termites will come into contact with the bait because of the cellulose material. They will share the bait with the colony while crawling through their underground tunnels. The termites then ingest the bait, along with the growth inhibitor. Soon, the growth inhibitor will prevent the termites from molting. Slowly but surely, the colony will die off.


Key Features Of Sentricon

Key Features Of Sentricon

Sentricon has features that make it a very unique termite control product used by many professionals. This makes Sentricon an appealing choice for many professionals around the world. Here are some of the key features of Sentricon:


Sentricon is a green product. It uses an eco-friendly formulation that avoids liquid chemicals. It guarantees that it won’t harm the environment. It won a Presidential Green Chemistry Award back in 2000 because of this.

Trusted by Notable Landmarks

Did you know that the Sentricon system is used to protect landmarks such as The White House and The Statue of Liberty? Round the clock protection is promised by Sentricon, so it’s a no-brainer for these landmarks to use this environmentally friendly termite protection system.

Reliable Technology

Sentricon works because it targets the colony and its behavior. It’s the best termite control system you can use for early protection and prevention of termite colonies. You don’t need to drill anything around the perimeter of your house as the installation is very simple. Sentricon also remains effective even in different soil and weather conditions.


How To Use Sentricon

How To Use Sentricon

It’s much better to employ a professional to install your Sentricon system. They can give you the most thorough assessment and installation of your system. Here’s how a professional would go about installing the Sentricon system in your home.


Your professional service will start an inspection around the area of your home. They will need to confirm the presence of termites in your home.


In-ground stations will be installed in areas where termites tend to forage. Areas for the in-ground station will include high moisture areas, foundation walls, and nearby trees.


The in-ground stations of Sentricon need to be installed within the soil. Your professional will create a core in the soil so that the soil cover of the Sentricon system sits flush in the soil.


Why Use Sentricon?


You should use Sentricon for a non-intrusive termite control system. It’s eco-friendly, and it targets the colony immediately. It’s a system that works over a long period, which can grant better results. Conventional termite control sometimes avoids the colony itself, which in turn allows these pests to return and flourish. Hit them where it hurts the most by deconstructing and eradicating the colony.

Sentricon uses active ingredients in small amounts to eliminate the entire colony. Once Sentricon successfully eradicates the colony, the bait can be removed. It’s much better than using gallons of liquid chemical treatments. The stations used in Sentricon are inconspicuous and very secure. Children or pets won’t be able to tamper with the bait.


Key Takeaway


Termite control has never been easier with Sentricon. If you need a long-term solution for your termite infestation, you can check out Sentricon. It’s an eco-friendly termite control system that’s used by many professionals to provide easy termite control. It works by targeting the core of the termites, which is a colony. Instead of resorting to smelly, invasive chemicals, you can use the inconspicuous Sentricon system to solve your termite problem today.

Ask your pest control service about the Sentricon system today and experience the non-invasive capabilities of this effective termite control system!