DIY Termite Extermination Do’s and Don’ts

DIY termite extermination do's and don'ts

In the Philippines, termite control and cockroach prevention are extremely important in every commercial and residential residence. Those who already have infestations or suspect they have one are better off seeking assistance from pest control providers rather than try to solve the problem themselves.

The reason? To save time and prevent a full-blown infestation.

Many households prefer to solve this problem without the help of pest control due to the cost. Though annihilating termites by yourself is possible, it’s not always the case. Still, here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind when on a DIY pest termination.


DO: Before exterminating the infestation, remove potential entry passages and termite-friendly things from your home.

Cracks in walls or holes in furniture like cabinets and drawers are some of the possible entry passages. Step one is to fill these cracks before doing the exterminating process to prevent these nuisances from moving to a safe place. Things that attract termites such as old woods, rusty metals, and clutter areas should be disposed or cleaned.


DON’T: Do not assume any spray will completely eliminate pests as not all pesticides or termiticides are effective in all circumstances.

Pesticides are not made equal; different brands use different formulas and often for different purposes. Always look for products that are compatible to the pests you have in your house. It is highly recommended to opt for effective environmental-friendly pesticides that are available in the market.


DO: Keep your children and pets away from your house during the annihilation process.

Arrange to have your kids and pests in a safe place (like at a relative’s home), away from all the pesticides. These have chemicals that are harmful to people and animals. Even environmental-friendly pesticides can be very dangerous, especially if there is direct and heavy exposure.


DON’T: Under no circumstances should you attempt to do drastic measures on your own.

Some cases of pest infestation just cannot be eradicated by simple DIY obliteration. Unless you are a professional, it is best to call and ask for the assistance of a professional pest control provider. They will have the right tools and can come up with the perfect solutions for your pest issues and problems.


DO: Start treatment immediately.

Prevention is still the key to a termite-free home. When you see signs of pests around your home, it is best that to start extermination and take preventative measures instantly. This is truly the best way to ensure you keep a pest-free home.


Having an infestation is dreadful and very stressful. They could ruin your furniture, eat your food, bite you and your family members, and can cause allergic reactions. Not to mention the possibility of contracting the diseases brought in by the pests! In any case that these tips don’t work, it is best to contact one of the top pest control service providers in the Philippines. Do not be afraid to consult with a professional to discuss the best way to approach your problem.