Dear Pest Control: What you can learn from the Ghostbusters

ghost busters

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who are you going to call?

…..It actually depends on what that strange thing is. If the strange thing relates to ghosts, of course you’ll have to call the Ghostbusters. But if the strange thing is definitely caused by pests, you’ll want to contact the pest control Philippines.

Both Ghostbusters and pest controllers have the same purpose: to return order in a specific place by removing the intruders or those things that destroy the comfort of people. But are there things that the pest busters or controllers can learn from these ghost hunters? Of course there are, and we’re here to tell you what.

Be enthusiastic

Without a doubt, pest controlling and busting can be very disgusting AND tiring – especially when faced with those insects that can make anyone’s skin crawl. But it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be enthusiastic. No matter how hard the pest challenges that we’ll encounter, we can surely be in our fullest when we’re enthusiastic. Not only that, when we’re enthusiastic and in our best mood, we can clearly think of ways to easily solve our customers’ pest problems.

Be optimistic

Just like Dr. Raymond Stantz, who is just as enthusiastic, never forget to be an optimistic person too. No matter how bad your day may be and may turn to, a smile can always turn your day from the worst to the best. Also, since your customers’ houses have pests, they’ll most likely have a bad day too. Offer them a smile or two because, if it can’t fully brighten their days, at least you tried to lessen the bad vibes.

ghost busters kicked ass

Be very prepared

Bring the needed materials, and equip yourself with knowledge and standard operating procedures or SOP’s. Because of a possible mix of excitement and anxiety, we can forget preparing. We leave the needed equipments in our offices, or at our customers’ houses. We understand that we can’t know the house’s problems at first glance. Also, our customers will definitely ask us a lot of questions that need answers. They’ll definitely bombard us with a lot of queries, thus preparations is a must. Unlike the paranormal classification, identifying different species of different pests is more complicated knowing that the animal kingdom is very complex. That is why we really need all the possible preparations.

Be open-minded

Don’t be like Dr. Peter Venkman, who thought that he already knew a lot of things because he is expert in his field. Widen your perspectives! Learn to listen, not only to your bosses but also to your coworkers. Treat them just as equally because admit it, you don’t know everything. No matter how new or old your co-worker may be, he or she may know something that you don’t know.

Pests lurk the dark nooks and spaces of each house, and each homeowners will need us. Don’t lose hope, dear pest busters, because we have a lot to settle with our enemies.