How to Deal With Cockroaches in Your Home Before Calling Pest Control Services

How to Deal With Cockroaches in Your Home Before Calling Pest Control Services

How do you deal with the cockroaches in your home on your own?

  • Keep your house clean
  • Seal up all the crevices where cockroaches can make a home
  • Fix all leaks in and around your house so you won’t attract cockroaches
  • Kill them if nothing else works


Before availing pest control services and calling your pest control operator, a person must know how to deal with the existence of cockroaches in their house. However, the natural way of getting rid of cockroaches in your house entails a slow process, but admittedly it keeps you and your family away from harmful chemicals that the internet might suggest.

It is also safer for you to veer away from the use chemicals such as pesticide or insecticide because they contain properties that are harmful to the human body. An important aspect of cockroaches that people should know is that these pests are able to get into everything while still not getting detected, they have the capability to multiply quickly, and these pests can also survive multiple months without eating food and up to two weeks without hydrating themselves. So, they are definitely a pest you should get rid off immediately; before you call your pest control team, you can do the following:



Much like how most things in life are, preventing things is always better than curing it. So, how do you prevent cockroaches from infesting your home? Keep it clean, and always clean up! Pests, particularly cockroaches, are especially attracted to food residue such as crumbs and grease. This means that you have to keep your food counters, dining tables, and other parts of the house where you eat food clean as it can be.

Always wipe your counters every night, never leave unwashed dishes in your sink, make sure your stovetop is cleaned, and always sweep the kitchen floor before you sleep. This may sound like a hassle for most people, but making a habit out of cleaning every night will help you avoid attracting cockroaches in your home, and when you get used to cleaning up every night, 15 minutes should be enough for you to eliminate the residues that cockroaches love so much.


Seal the Holes!

Regularly inspect the inside of your pantry, the space between your countertop and the wall, and in the baseboards because cockroaches can fit in the tiniest of spaces and eventually multiply. It is imperative for you to seal up all the spaces where these pests can make a home and multiply to infest your abode.

This sounds like a hassle again and it may take up a lot of your time, but this is always advised by the experts, especially if you live in an apartment where your neighbors do not have the same cleanliness standards as you.

Fix Leaks!

Fix Leaks!

Aside from being attracted to food residue, cockroaches are more attracted to places where moisture and water leaks are abundant. This is also the reason why the most common area in the house to find cockroaches in is under your sink. As mentioned above, cockroaches can live for several months without food, but only a short time without water, and that is why they always try to look for water sources.

Make a habit out of checking the area under your sink to see if there are any leaks happening. Fix the leak and clean the puddle that accumulated from the leak. Also, avoid letting water accumulate on your sink or over-watering your plants because this has the same effect as having a leak under your sink.


If Left With No Choice, Simply Kill Them

Of course, we can’t all be bothered with regularly doing the things above with all the hustle and bustle of a fast paced city. Unfortunately, this means that more often than not, you will have some cockroaches in your home. So, what you can do is to prepare a mixture of soap and water. Spray the mixture on the cockroaches and they will eventually suffocate because much like how most insects breathe, cockroaches breathe through their skin, and the soap in the water blocks off their respiratory process. Or, you can just simply step on them.


Key Takeaway

If you cannot handle a cockroach infestation, then we would suggest for you to already contact your pest control operator, and let them deal with the problem. Also, it would be important for you to remember that if you cannot commit to cleaning your house regularly, then you might want to take note of the best pest control operators around your area.