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DON’T-Do-It-Yourself: Dangerous DIYs

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Let’s face it: Sometimes pest control services can get very expensive, which is why some of us resort to DIY methods. Sure, the Internet is a great resource for almost any topic but some things are best left to the experts. Sometimes, the solutions we use create more problems than we can solve. And before you know it, your house could be overrun with termites, ants, vermin and other pests.

In light of this, here are some DDIY (Don’t-Do-It-Yourself) pest control problems you should definitely avoid.

DDIY #1: Using sugar water to lure house flies

Undoubtedly, this trick does work, but clean up is the tricky (and messy) part. But what about the other flies that aren’t affected by this trap? Honey and vinegar traps don’t work on them, either.

DDIY #2: Insecticides as the be-all, end-all solution

Yes, insecticides do stop any insect in their tracks, but consider the consequences: the toxic chemicals of the generic solution you used are left out in the open. If you don’t clean the mess right after, you risk affecting your children’s, pet’s and home environment’s safety with the harmful toxins spread in the air.

Second, you may have gotten rid of the immediate pest, but remember that you could be dealing with an entire colony of ants, termites, or groups of vermin hiding in your house. If you don’t get to the root of the problem, trust that you’ll still see some creepy-crawlies around.

Lastly, if you use the wrong insecticide for the wrong bug, you won’t kill it at all. You basically just wasted good money on the wrong product.

DDIY #3: Dependence on roach motels

Roach motels are very effective against cockroaches, but too much reliance on them could do more bad than good. There are some personal habits you have to consider as to why your home is being infested by these buggers, like a dirty kitchen. Even if you buy more traps, roaches will keep coming until you eliminate the scent of food.

DDIY #4: Food as rodent bait

Never, ever, attempt this method. While rodents will definitely fall for this trick, you could be getting more than you bargained for, as ants, termites, other pests, and more rodents will definitely storm to your house once they sense food nearby.

Plus, the downside to luring rodents is that you have to “finish the job”. If you don’t have the stomach for that, it’s best to leave it to the exterminators.

DDIY #5: Termite traps

Moist piles of paper and cardboard attract termites. But if you don’t know how to dispose of it, pretty soon that trap is going to turn against you, inviting more termites in your home to look for wooden furniture to nest it. The trick is to burn the trap after 2 days (if there are termites nesting). If you have no experience with this whatsoever, stay away from this DIY method.

What are other dangerous DIY techniques you know of? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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