7 Reasons You Need To Have Your House Regularly Checked For Pests

Reasons you need to have your house checked for pests

  1. Pests can grow in number fast
  2. You can get to the root of your pest problem
  3. There are health risks
  4. There are many safety risks
  5. Your own peace of mind and confidence
  6. You can get an expert’s opinion
  7. You can ensure better maximum productivity for your crops

When you think of settling into your new home, surely the last thing that enters your mind would be to hire pest control services. Settling in properly and inviting your friends and family to enjoy your residence are some of the top priorities people focus on. When the food crumbs have settled, the owners never realize that this invites unwanted guests into their home, namely, pests. These pesky creatures can come in the form of rodents (mice and rats) or insects (termites, ants, cockroaches).

Termite Damage

As the cycle of fun in the home continues, the undetected pest infestation grows much larger. Then, one fine day is ruined when a rat/mouse is seen scampering away from the kitchen after gnawing away on a container of foods; termites have eaten through a wooden chair leg; or ants are causing problems with their bites. Only then do homeowners they have a pest control problem on their hands, and a very big one at that.

As mentioned above, a pest problem may grow unnoticed. In order to keep these pesky critters at bay (and your home safe), here are 5 reasons you need to have your house regularly checked for pests.

Reason #1: Pests grow in number…fast.

Brown rats can have as many as 2,000 descendants in a year. A group of 6 mice multiply to as much as 60 in 3 months. Annually, that means they can number as much as 240! Getting your place checked for pests regularly eliminates these threats to your household health and safety (we’ll get to that in a moment).

Reason #2: For insects, you can get to the root of the problem.

During cold and hot seasons, ants are known to move from their ground nests to look for a place with food and shelter. When they see a house nearby, that’s their go-to place, especially when they can sense food crumbs or pastries lying around. Ants can either nest in your house through wall cracks, or treat your place as their new “food source”, coming and going just to get food for their colony.

“Termites and ants,” according to eHow contributor Jason Chavis, “work with a hive mentality. This means that workers spread out to look for food sources. When they do, they inform one another, and every ant does their part to get as much provisions for their colony.” Observe where the ants pass through. If you find that they still have a colony in the ground, you can exterminate them, ending the source of your pest problems.

“For some species of termites,” say the science whizzes on Ask.com, “once their food source (wood) is depleted, they will begin looking for another wooden structure to reside and eat.” So once you flush out the termites eating through a piece of wooden furniture in your home, the risk of danger is reduced.

Reason #3: They are health risks

Some of the diseases rodents bring with them directly and indirectly are:

  • Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis
  • The plague
  • Viral hemorrhagic fever
  • Weil’s disease
  • Q fever

Ants may pass through areas where rodents have shed skin, peed, or left droppings. They become indirect sources of these sicknesses when they crawl over you. If they pass through uncovered food, it may also be contaminated with the viruses they carry with them.

If you are unlucky enough to attract fire ants in your home, take extra precautions. Their bites are very painful and cause different reactions, especially to those with allergies.

Reason #4: They are safety risks

Rats’ front teeth can grow from 4½ inches to 5½ in a year. In order to maintain a normal length, they have to chew through a number of substances such as wood, brick, cement, lead pipes, and even other small animals. Carpenter ants and termites eat through wood. Pests can cause serious property damage and injury to those unfortunate enough to use items weakened by them.

Reason #5: Your own peace of mind and convenience

There’s nothing like having zero worries about broken furniture or unwanted intruders stealing food or bringing diseases into your home. Imagine having a happy, healthy, and clean house. This is especially appealing with how hectic life can get nowadays. Managing your work, children, and social life could take up all of one’s time that he forgets to ensure the safeguard of his home.

Even with enough time, it will take a while for someone to learn about how to do DIY pest inspection. Hiring a professional service will eliminate all your worries and inconveniences; this is the biggest take home (pun intended) you can get from regular pest inspection.

Reason #6: You get an expert’s diagnosis

While learning and doing DIY pest control can save you a lot of money, it also involves having to deal with multiple strong chemicals that have been proven to be deadly and harmful. Because most homeowners do not have the expertise and the knowledge needed in order to use these chemicals properly, they could end up overusing them or using them in the wrong places.

Such practices are not only harmful to you, your loved ones, and your pets, but also it doesn’t drive away pests efficiently. By having professionals check your home regularly, you will get an expert’s opinion about how to deal with small infestations when they appear and to prevent potential infestations from beginning. Doing it DIY may lead you to overreact and overuse chemicals and thus, making your home a dangerous and harmful place to live in.

Reason #7: You ensure maximum productivity for your crops always

The main reason why pest control was created in the first was to make sure that crops aren’t eaten and ruined by any unwanted pests. In the agricultural business, this is an obvious need. However, this could also apply to your own mini-farm or your garden.

These businesses/hobbies take time to see results and it would be such a waste to have pests feed on the fruits of your hard work. Having regular inspections will inform you of any measures you need to take in order to drive these pests away and make sure that the growth of your crops and plants is always at full speed.

Key Takeaway

Pests can wreak havoc in your home as soon as they get settled. Once they are able to do that, you would have to worry about damage to your property, and numerous risks to your health. By calling pest control at the earliest sign of an infestation, you are able to save your home from any risk.