5 Businesses That Are At Risk For Rodent Infestation

5 Businesses That Are At Risk For Rodent Infestation

What businesses are at risk for rodent infestation?

  1. Restaurants
  2. Factories
  3. Warehouses
  4. Commercial Businesses
  5. Retail stores


Rodents pose a huge problem to many businesses. They can damage furniture, products, and machinery, and they can even spread various diseases to people around. There are businesses facing a higher risk for rodent infestation compared to others because of various factors. These can be the amount of food or water on the premises or even just multiple access points for the tiny creatures. 


That’s why it’s best to keep this problem under control by hiring a trusted rodent prevention and control service. Read on to find out if you’re part of the businesses at high risk of rodent infestation! 



RestaurantsRestaurants are one of the most rodent-infiltrated industries. It is difficult for many restaurant employees and owners to admit that they have a rodent problem. The reality is that there may be rats lingering in a place where you have a good meal. 


Since most restaurants are found in cities, you can expect rats to be a common visitor in your establishment. They often linger outside buildings, specifically the places where food is thrown away. It’s easy for them to escape back into the sewers while getting easy access to food both outside and inside restaurant buildings. 


You need to seek help for rodent prevention immediately to handle the problem. Think of the huge amount of food and drink in restaurants as a siren call to rodents. If you don’t get this issue under control, your business might end up suffering the consequences.  



Factories are also one of the businesses at risk for rodent infestation. Its wide internal landscape provides rodents with everything they need to build a home. 


No matter what type of factory it is, rodents can easily find their necessities inside: food, nesting material, and hiding spaces. It can be difficult to keep rodent prevention in control because of the space. That’s why it’s important to find trusted pest control services to keep your rodent problems in check. 


If left alone, rats and mice can chew their way through the different materials in a factory from its products to the expensive machinery. You can also expect rodents to multiply quickly. Once you see droppings, large gaps, and bite marks, call your most trusted rodent prevention service. 


During rainy and colder seasons, rats and mice find shelter in warehouses. Like factories, they also have a wide space for nesting and shelter.


Warehouses have many access points for these pesky rodents. With shipments constantly coming and going, its doors are left wide open for intruders to enter. The amount of freights and cargo also give rodents a lot of places to hide. 


Rodents are capable of causing extensive amounts of damage. They can chew through boxes and even find their way inside freights. Rodent prevention experts might be able to spot them upon inspection. So, it’s best to call them in during the first sighting of rodents. You can also watch out for chew marks and droppings. 

Commercial Businesses

Conducting business in the city has its advantages, however, it’s commercial businesses that are at high risk of a rodent infestation. Just like office workers, rats are city dwellers. This is because of the huge amount of food and water supply available. To prevent infestations, conduct quarterly rodent control to ensure your business is safe from these pests. 


Commercial businesses provide many entry points for rodents compared to residential homes. That means they have more opportunities to seek shelter in buildings. If your building is not well maintained, then it’s highly likely rodents will enter the premises. This can quickly lead to an infestation. 


On top of that, commercial business buildings have been left vacant due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This vacancy provided rodents the opportunities to seek solace in the empty space. Before calling your working staff back into the office, contact a rodent prevention and control service. Don’t put your employees at risk of contracting various illnesses that rodents may carry. 


Retail stores

Retail storesRetail stores may not be serving food that rodents are attracted to, but they provide rodents with a place to rest and nest. On top of that, retail stores are always surrounded by restaurants, making them the perfect hiding spot for them. 


Another entry point for rodents in retail stores is through inventory shipments. Employees may carry boxes and crates daily. The open doors are an opportunity for them to enter the building. Remember that mice easily squeeze through holes and tights spices as small as a dime. 


Find a rodent prevention and control service that helps you secure various entry points to prevent rodents from entering the premises. 


Key Takeaway

No business wants a rodent infestation. These pests can damage and destroy important products and machines and also carry illnesses that harm the staff. Now that you know the different businesses at risk for rodent infestation, it’s best to act not on its prevention and control. 


That’s why you should not hesitate to book a free pest inspection with us here at Topbest! We are a reputable pest control service in the Philippines that you can rely on to solve your rodent problems.