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Best Movies About Pests

Best Movies About Pests

What are the best movies about pests?

  • Men in Black
  • Joe’s Apartment
  • 8 Legged Freaks
  • Snakes on a Plane


Pests are a nuisance to us but on the big screen, they can serve as the stars of thrilling and action-packed movies. Most pests of movies are often absurd forms of typical creatures which need some form of extermination, unlike regular pest control. Let’s take a look at some of the best movies about pests:


Men in Black

Men in Black
Image courtesy of Columbia Pictures


A classic late 90s movie, Men in Black centers on a secret segment of the government assigned to exterminate any extraterrestrial threats on Earth. The main characters of the story K, played by Tommy Lee Jones and J, played by Will Smith are quite experienced in eliminating alien threats on the planet. But as an unknown flying saucer strikes the truck of a hillbilly named Edgar, they will soon be faced with their biggest threat.

The crash site of the flying saucer caught Edgar’s attention and soon inspects the area. As he looks to the bottom of the crash site, he is pulled down by an unknown creature who kills him and uses Edgar’s skin to hide his true form from society. Near the end of the movie, the parasitic pest sheds Edgar’s skin and soon shows its true appearance as a huge cockroach-like alien. It’s good to know that the most common pests in the Philippines aren’t like this one. This intergalactic bug gets blown into smithereens by agent K.



Joe’s Apartment

Joe’s Apartment
Image courtesy of Geffen Film Company


Who could talk about pests, specifically cockroaches, without mentioning Joe’s Apartment? Joe’s Apartment is a story about a man named Joe who moves into his new apartment in New York from Iowa. His goal was to search for a low-budget apartment that would fit his needs. To his enjoyment, he found the perfect apartment that satisfies his preference.

But the real question is, did he really succeed in finding the perfect apartment, when he finds out that he shares his newfound living space with thousands of singing and dancing cockroaches? It seems like the apartment of Joe has never even had pest control services since the day it was built. Tens and thousands of roaches fill the air with a theatrical mood.

It may seem disgusting, and it really is an awful situation to be in, living with thousands of cockroaches around. But these cockroaches in Joe’s apartment mean well. They all want Joe to improve as a person and help build his confidence. This epic comedy ends up with the cockroaches and Joe being the best of friends.



8 Legged Freaks

8 Legged Freaks
Image courtesy of Centropolis Entertainment


Spiders aren’t really considered as pests. But if they’re around 50 times their size and start terrorizing the world, they’ll be one of the world’s most annoying, destructive, and scariest pests alive. Luckily, this only happens in the movies; specifically, in the film 8 Legged Freaks.

8 Legged Freaks is a movie about giant arachnids who started out as regular little creepy crawlies whose mutation was due to their exposure to toxic waste. Now gargantuan, these spiders have also started to go rampant and are threatening the peaceful town in the setting. The citizens of the town have gathered together to fight the giant arachnid threat.

This comedic action-adventure movie follows the typical “zombie-movie” formula but changed a few variables; of course they used mutated spiders instead of zombies. Nonetheless, this movie is about annoying bugs that need to be exterminated for the betterment of humankind.


Snakes on a Plane

Snakes on a Plane
Image courtesy of New Line Cinema


Who says pests are restricted to just annoying insects? A definite classic thriller, Snakes on a Plane is a movie about an F.B.I. agent who takes on a plane full of venomous snakes. These deadly reptiles were deliberately released to kill a witness who will testify against a mob boss.

This is one of the oddest ways to assassinate a person. Store boxes in a plane filled with hundreds of snakes and let them lose in the aircraft. The witness is being escorted by F.B.I. agent Neville Flynn, who finds out that hundreds of snakes have been released in their flight. Determined to fulfill his job, he takes the reins as the in-flight pest controller to protect the witness.

Unlike insect pests, rodents and reptiles may even be considered as house pests when they start to invade a home. Imagine having a hundred snakes in your home. That would definitely need an expert to handle the situation.



Key Takeaway

Pests are one of the most annoying things known to man. But in movies, they may be a great factor for entertainment due to the fact that they’ll be exterminated in an extravagant fashion. We would only want these movie pests to stay on the big screen and away from our homes. These movies could also serve as a reminder to keep our houses under regular pest control maintenance.

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