Habits To Avoid To Prevent Pests At Home

Multiple open trash cans in a kitchen


What are the habits to avoid to prevent pests at home?

  1. Leaving leftovers out
  2. Failing to repair cracks
  3. Storing bags under the sink
  4. Leaving piles of items
  5. Letting trash build up
  6. Not covering the trash can
  7. Not repairing leaky pipes


You can purchase every insect repellant spray to stop pests from invading your household. However, no matter what you do, they may just keep coming back in a short amount of time. If you’re still wondering why this occurs, then it may be because your family is not following the habits to avoid to prevent pests.

Before you run to your local grocery store again, consider the habits you and your family have developed at home. Yes, your everyday routines. You may not notice it but simple bad habits that are left unintentionally are the cause of recurring pest infestations.

We’ve rounded up some common habits that attract pests into your home. Read on because a few sprays of insect repellant here and there won’t stop the root of your problem.


Leaving Leftovers Out

A dining table full of leftovers

Let’s face it, sometimes people become lazy when it comes to washing the dishes. Some of your family members may be tempted to just leave food out in the open. This is like a grand invitation for pests to infest your home.

Unsealed food containers can attract a number of ants and even the smallest crumbs can become a midnight feast for rodents. Certain pests are also attracted to fresh produce and sugary goods. You’ll need to place all food products in airtight containers.

Remind your family to keep food sealed after munching on them. As much as possible, return each food item inside the refrigerator. Use a broom and sweep often to get rid of crumbs that fell on the floor. This is one way to effectively get rid of pests.


Failing to Repair Cracks

Some pests such as cockroaches, rats, and ants can squeeze their bodies to fit the smallest cracks. While it is true that they can make their entry into your main doors, pests can also sneak in through tiny crevices throughout your house.

Look closely and you’ll find gaps in walls, ceilings, floors, windows, and cabinets. Maintain your house regularly. Repair and seal all cracks that may become entrances for household pests.


Storing Bags Under The Sink

A woman storings bags under the sink

In typical Filipino households, it is a habit to keep extra bags under the sink for future use. People do this without thinking about how cockroaches and rodents can take shelter in these bags. The worst thing about it? These pests can even release fecal matter, which is unhygienic.

Don’t store extra bags under the sink. Throw them away immediately. If you can’t avoid collecting bags, fold them properly, and place them in drawers instead.


Leaving Piles of Items

All kinds of pests can take shelter in piles of items. A stack of unused tires can become a mosquito breeding ground as it can accumulate water build-up. Woodpiles can attract termites. A pile of clothes can become a new home for rats. Cluttered pieces of used paper can attract spiders since they can spin webs onto them. Take note that mites are attracted to rugs, carpets, and mattresses that collect dust.

You can sit in your home and think that leaving piles of items doesn’t cause any harm. But, the pests it harbors can cause allergies and other harmful diseases. Make it a habit to clean your home. Doing it regularly can do wonders.


Letting Trash Build Up

An overflowing trash can

From your unrepairable goods to rotten food products, you use your trusty trash bin to get rid of everything. There’s only so much your trash can handle, which means that the accumulation of garbage is unavoidable.

Pests infest your household because they look for shelter and food. The trash bin is notorious for being both. House flies and cockroaches are not picky, they feed on any food leftovers, even decaying ones.

It is vital that you manage waste products properly and not let trash buildup. Once you notice that it’s almost full, wrap it up and let garbage personnel collect it immediately.


Not Covering The Trash Can

Continuing the trash buildup habit comes the issue of covering the trash can. As stated earlier, pests can squeeze in the smallest gaps given their minuscule size.

The foul and strong odor that comes from garbage is bound to attract pests. And a trash can without a properly sealed lid can increase the possibility.

Do yourself a favor and cover your trash cans properly. Prevent cockroaches, rodents, and ants from feasting on your garbage.


Not Repairing Leaky Pipes

A leaky faucet

When the inside pipes are clogged, they are pressured and lead to leaking. This is more than just a household inconvenience.

Cockroaches and rats use leaky pipes as their personal water supply. Moisture buildup also attracts mosquitoes as they jump at every chance to use water as breeding grounds.

Don’t just ignore it when you see leaks around your home. It can be under your kitchen sink or in the bathroom under the toilets. Immediately call a plumber to repair leaky pipes and ward off pests.


Key Takeaway

There are a number of habits to avoid to prevent pests at home. You and your family may not notice it, but even the most common practices can attract pest infestation.

If you suspect you have an infestation, call in your local pest experts. Topbest Pest Control services offer the best pest extermination services in the Philippines. Keep your family safe from the possibility of harmful diseases today!