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8 Pests You Should Be Grateful Don’t Exist In The Philippines


What are pests that do not exist in the Philippines?

  1. Capybaras
  2. Human Botflies
  3. Japanese Giant Hornet
  4. Bullet Ants
  5. Army Ants
  6. Tarantulas
  7. Giant Burrowing Cockroach
  8. Titan Beetle

Pests are the one thing we as homeowners do our best to get rid of at all costs. If you’ve dealt with termites, rodents, ants, and flies in your home, you may think that these pests are more than just annoying creatures. They cause a lot of physical and structural discomfort/damage, and yes, when you see them wreaking havoc you better call pest control services immediately.

If the situation is a bit manageable, however, then there are numerous other methods in taking care of this pest problem. In this world, there is nothing that a little pesticide or insecticide can’t fix.

But while you may be complaining about these small nuisances, there are much larger, more terrifying and deadlier creatures that can ransack your home. Here are 5 pests you should be grateful don’t exist in the Philippines.

1. Capybaras


Sure, the idea of hundreds of small rodents infesting your home does sound a tad bit scary. But what if…they were the size of dogs? That’s what a capybara is in a nutshell. Imagine if you had these large-sized rodents terrorizing your home? You wouldn’t need pest control. You’d need hunters! Fortunately for you, capybaras only exist in South America (save for Chile). Also, they are known as one of the largest rodents in the world. Talk about terrifying right?

2. Human Botflies

Human Botfly (Larva)

Botflies are one of the most disgusting winged insects you can ever find. It lays its eggs on a host (usually a mammal or other winged insects like a mosquito, that can act as a carrier to another mammal, like us humans). When they hatch, the larvae burrow and eat through the skin for about 5-6 weeks, and then they punch through the flesh they’ve been eating to pupate. Finally, they hatch as adult botflies in about 20 days.

After reading this, we hope you’re thankful only houseflies invade your home. If these botflies were to make it into your home, then it would be the end of sanity as we know it. Imagine a botfly laying its eggs in your flesh and have it pop out a la ‘Alien’. You surely wouldn’t want that to happen at all would you?

3. The Japanese Giant Hornet

Japanese Giant Hornet

This insect, which is the size of your thumb, has a very special defense mechanism: It shoots out flesh-melting poison in your eyes. This poison also has a pheromone that attracts other giant hornets to your location, whereupon they all sting you to death. Their stings are so powerful that 40 people in Japan die per year because of these annoyingly powerful insects. And you thought bees are terrifying enough.

Just to give you an idea of dangerous giant hornets are: in their search for food (like the larvae and honey of bees) a group of 30 can easily outclass a hive of 30,000 honeybees. That’s a ratio of 10 giant hornets to 10,000 bees. They brutally eliminate their prey by cutting up their bodies with their formidable jaws.

4. Bullet Ants

Bullet Ant

Ants are a big enough problem in the Philippines as we know it. They swarm everyone’s food when left in the open (then again, who does that?), they bite people when they least expect it, and most of all, they are some of the itchiest pests to come into existence. Fire ants are just some of the biggest pest problems existing today. However, if there’s one kind of pest that Filipinos should be grateful of its non-existence, it’s none other than the infamous ‘Bullet Ant’.

The reason these ants are called such is not because of their size. It’s because their bite is reported to be as painful as a bullet shot. Who would want to feel that kind of excruciating pain? Aside from that, they scream at you before they attack. They. Scream. What kind of ant does that? The bullet ant.

5. Army Ants

Army Ants

These insects epitomize the phrase: “Strength in numbers”. Army ants attack with the full force of over a million in their colony, plowing through any living or artificial structure in their path with their incredibly powerful jaws. Not to mention their terrifying appearance.

Also, they’re blind, a predicament that only adds to their killer instinct. We’re definitely sure you wouldn’t these bad boys anywhere near you or your home.

6. Tarantulas

These eight-legged, menacing creatures of the shadows are just some of the worst kind of spiders you can come across in your lifetime. Especially these kinds of spiders.

Tarantulas are known not just known for their size, but they’re also known for their ‘fur-like’ appearance, which makes the very sight of them all the more unsettling. They may not bite, but they can surely guarantee a big enough scare to cause an equally large amount of trauma.

7. Giant Burrowing Cockroach

Cockroaches are some of the most common pests existing in the country. They are able to slip through most cracks and wreak havoc wherever they scurry off to. But, like most insects, there many different kinds of cockroaches existing around the world. And if there’s one kind of cockroach that everyone should rejoice because it’s not anywhere near the Philippines, it’s none other than the Giant Burrowing Cockroach.

The name of this monstrosity itself is enough to send chills down one’s spine. They can grow up to 3 inches in length and is also known as the heaviest cockroach in the world. Though you may want to keep it around due to its enormous contributions towards he ecosystem, it’s unavoidable that the fear they emanate can definitely get to you.

8. Titan Beetle

Last but not the least, this ‘titan’ of an insect. Pun intended.

Popular in the Amazon rain forest, this beetle is undeniably one of the colossal ones you can encounter in another lifetime, with their size up to at least 6.6 inches. Best for it to stay in the wild.

Key Takeaway

There are other pests that exist anywhere outside of the country. Either way, take a moment and appreciate how fortunate you are to not have to deal with them for a lifetime. As for those who do encounter them, however, take another moment to pray for them and wish them luck.

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  1. But we have gov. currupt officials here in the philippines worse case all of theme are currupt i think that is the worse pests here in the philippines

  2. But I can understand my dog… she has a lump on her skin, I look for a reason. I search lump on dog’s skin then I find, maggots. I know that shitty worm don’t live here(Philippines). But What the Heck is that?!
    or maybe I’m just confuse.
    can someone explain or advice me?

  3. The other 4 are extremely scary, but I think the Capybaras are adorable. A lot of people even keep them as pets.

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