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7 Hard Truths Your Exterminator Will Tell You About Pest Control

TopBest - 7 Hard Truths Pest Control Will Tell You

Not only will your local pest control do everything to get rid of those nasty bugs but they will also talk you through some hard truths. If you missed out a chance to just talk to them, here are the things they want to tell you:


1. Having pests are inevitable.

This is very hard to accept, but it is the truth. We should understand that there are various kinds of pests, and each of them are attracted to different things – food, moisture, heat, wood, and even your blood. Some of these things are impossible to not have. Of course, a clean home will always have fewer pests than a dirty home, but that doesn’t mean that the clean one doesn’t have any. Some insects can survive without food and they are capable of living in your home while being completely unnoticed. All you can do is keep them out of your sight and keep their numbers at bay.


2. Even when you don’t see their presence, they will always be “there”.

Just because you don’t see any termites or rodents doesn’t mean your home is completely pest-free. That also doesn’t mean that you can kick back and stop keeping your home clean and do what you’re doing to keep away these horrible creatures. In fact, this is the best time for you to take preventive measures, so your home will remain almost pest free.


3. Doing-It-Yourself will usually make things worse.

We all want to cut down our expenses and try to solve our problems without calling for help if it’s just minor, or at least we think it is. Those rodent treatments that hardware stores sell don’t always work thus making you buy and buy and will eventually cost you more money than just hiring the experts. And also, doing some experimenting on pesticides that you are not familiar with before calling your local pest control will actually mess with what they are about to do to solve your problem. It happens and you’ll only make the job of the exterminators harder and the results you want slower.


4. When it comes to hiring exterminators, do research beforehand.

You are the customer, and of course you want to make sure that the service you get is worth the money you’re paying. Make sure to ask people around if the local pest control you have in mind is good; look for testimonials, reviews, the nature of their company and the people they hire. Do a little bench marking too, if the company is reputable and has established a positive brand image then go for it! And once you start hiring someone, keep in mind that pest control is their expertise and you should not be sceptical on the equipments they use.


5. Do not leave it all up to the exterminators.

Yes it is their expertise and it is their responsibility to make your house pest-free. But they can’t do everything and eliminate all pests when you don’t even cooperate. Listen to what the exterminators tell you on what to do and what to do. That will make things easier for the both of you. And also, understand that some things are beyond their expertise, like for example head lice. Yes it is an insect, but it is not theirs to treat, because it’s more of a body/skin condition and should be left to the experts at this field.


6. Some insects are actually beneficial.

Some of them can even act as exterminators themselves. A great example would be the ever popular but scary spiders. They might be creepy to look at but believe me they are just as helpful. Their presence can even indicate that your house has lots of insects and that you should be alarmed.


7. Don’t keep it all to yourself, warn your neighbors!

It is more embarrassing when your neighbors find out that bugs are crawling from your house to theirs than just by telling them. You might even become friends with those you don’t talk to for giving them a heads up

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