7 Consequences Of Not Calling Pest Control Services ASAP

The consequences of of not calling pest control ASAP

  1. Pests will continue to breed in your house uninterrupted
  2. Damage to your property
  3. Health and safety risks
  4. DIY methods have a tendency to attract pests
  5. You can give your occupants new problems
  6. Getting a bad reputation
  7. Your plans will be ruined

Let’s get one thing straight – there is no such thing as a “few pests”. They always come in large quantities. You may spot a few flies congregating outside of your garage; termites may be crawling through wooden furniture; ants in your cupboards; mosquitoes buzzing in your dining room; a couple of rats dashing to and from your kitchen floor. No matter how little pests there seem to be, there’s always plenty more where they came from.

TopBest - Consequences Of Not Calling Pest Control

You may not be alarmed at first and you may resort to do-it-yourself (DIY) methods or completely ignore the situation altogether (since you think pest control services are expensive) – but that is a big mistake! When you do find these pests scurrying around your home, immediately call exterminators, like TopBest, which offers the best termite control in the Philippines. If not, here are 7 consequences of not calling pest control services ASAP.

1. The Pests Continue to Breed in Your House

When pests aren’t dealt with immediately, you give them breathing room to multiply in number. Untreated termite mounds/colonies produce more and more termites that cause grave property damage to your home. Also, ants become more of nuisances to everyone in your household when they increase in number. Rodents (particularly mice), in particular, can have as many as 240 offspring in a year! As the number of these pests grow, so does the price of having to deal with them.

2. Property Damage

In relation to the consequence stated above, pests have been known to cause significant damage to the fabric and fixtures of a home or building. Though most pests are small, they can do big damage in huge numbers. For example, an infestation from termites endangers the foundation of a home and causes parts of floors and walls to collapse. Not only will this lead to a sudden financial blow to your savings, but also such an accident can cause physical injury – or even death – to a human being if he is the final trigger to the collapse of a structure.

Rodents on the other hand must consistently gnaw on items to manage the growth of their teeth. One of their favorite items to chew on is electrical wires which pose fire hazards in your home. This behavior in rats can lead to holes in water tanks. This in tandem with exposed electrical wires causes a risk of electrocution.

3. They Cause Serious Health and Safety Risks

The bites of regular ants merely cause itchy welts on one’s skin. But if you have a fire ant infestation, their painful bites can cause blisters and skin allergies – depending on a person’s reaction to the fire ant venom. Other risks from pests include:

  • Rats can transmit a range of diseases such as Q fever, lassa fever, and the plague
  • Rodent droppings and urine can also contaminate food and drinks
  • Mosquitoes carry dengue fever, yellow fever, and malaria; cockroaches can cause asthma attacks
  • Termites can cause a number of physical injuries with the damage they do to wooden structures.

4. Sometimes, DIY Methods Attracts More Pests

A popular DIY pest control method is creating a termite trap made of cellulose materials such as cardboard and paper. When the termites burrow into the cardboard and infest it, it is simply a matter of burning it to kill a big number of termite.  However, not being smart in doing this can lead to more damage than good.

For example, if the trap is set too near the home, then they could ignore it and go straight for your foundations. Such mistakes can invite more termites into your home to search for wood to munch on. You can study up and learn all you need to know about how termites behave, but that will take a lot of your time. That’s not a good idea because they can infest your home in the time it takes for you to do this.

On the other side of the spectrum, it is possible that you do everything right and your DIY pest control is effective; but sometimes it can be too effective. Since you are not a pest expert, the methods that you do to control pests may also harm beneficial bugs. These include: lady beetles, spined soldier bugs, predatory mites, trichogramma wasps, minute pirate bugs, and praying mantises.

Such bugs are good for your garden and home because they naturally prey on bad bugs. Thus, in killing them, harmful pests have more room to thrive.

5. You Give the New Occupants a Problem

Never mind yourself and your family, but keep in mind the new tenants of your home. This especially true if you have a hospitality business. When you leave a pest problem unattended, you take away their joy of enjoying their new place by letting them deal with all the pests within their vicinity without fair warning. That’s very impolite.

6. You Get a Bad Reputation

This is true as a member of a community, but most especially as a business owner. Word picks up quickly nowadays with the use of the internet and social media. A bad review from a customer regarding the hygiene of your organization can ruin your name and business.

This is because people would not want to go to an establishment where the management doesn’t seem to care about the health issues (as discussed above) that pests bring. They will take care of themselves by not availing of your services because of the possibility that they will pick up a disease.

Businesses that need to be especially mindful of their pest control is hospitality and food businesses.

7. Your Plans Will Be Ruined

Calling pest control immediately is not about being paranoid, but more about being prepared. The reason you want to be prepared is because you want to avoid being backed into a corner when infestation becomes big enough to be deadly. Imagine you are about to go on an epic family vacation when, just hours before your flight, your wall collapses because you have a termite infestation you didn’t know about. The organization and planning that you need to call pest control and have them take care of the situation will lead you to cancel your flight.

The longer you wait to do your pest control means that the time and effort it will take for a service to eradicate that problem increases. This is time you will not get back and time that you could spend doing more important things such as bonding with your friends and family.

Key Takeaway

So there you have it, 7 consequences of not calling pest control services the moment you see a few pesky critters moving to and fro your house. We hope you learned something new today, like not resorting to DIY methods and letting the professionals handle pest control.