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6 Ways To Keep Your Home Mosquito Free

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The summer heat attracts more than beach bodies and party-goers to go out and play. The extra humidity also draws out mosquitoes into the fray. These pesky bloodsuckers bring a slew of diseases with them such as dengue fever, yellow fever, and malaria, to name a few.

You might find a few of these winged pests around and in your home, so how do you keep them away? Aside from the right kind of pest control, here are effective tips on keeping your home mosquito free.

1. Citronella candles

TopBest Pest Control - Citronella candles

Citronella is a natural plant extract that naturally repels mosquitoes. You can take that technique one step further by employing the use of citronella candles around important areas in your house. The heat of standard candles is good enough to repel mosquitoes and other winged insects, but the smell of citronella diffused from the burning candle will add extra defense to your home.

2. Bug zappers

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Flying insects cannot stand the blue-colored hue of a bug zapper’s light. Once they touch the wire mesh encasing the light, they are instantly electrocuted to death. The constant zapping sound you hear is a sign that pests are being dealt with. Place one inside and outside your house.

3. Hire pest control

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As mentioned above, exterminators will now what kind of non-toxic chemicals to use in and out your home to prevent mosquitoes, such as Cryonite. When dealing with mosquitoes, don’t just rely on D-I-Y methods. It’s best to consult experts on the matter.

4. Keep ventilation devices close by

TopBest Pest Control - Ventilation

A simple electric fan or air-conditioning unit will drive mosquitoes away. How? Remember that mosquitoes are attracted to heat. They have heat sensors that can locate their prey due to the heat they emanate from their body. If an aircon unit or electric fan is in use, your body temperature will be cooled down. Ergo, mosquitoes will go “blind” trying to look for you or even avoid the cool area altogether.

5. Garlic

TopBest Pest Control - Garlic

Known for keeping a fictional type of bloodsucker away from you (vampires), garlic is also effective for driving away mosquitoes. The odor may be unpleasant, but it’s exactly that that repels mosquitoes from your home. You can crush them in water and spray them around your house’s nooks and crannies.

6. Bats, dude

TopBest Pest Control - Bats

An interesting way of eliminating mosquitoes from your home is having bats. Yep. Bats can eat as much as 1000 mosquitoes an hour. All you need to do is install a bat house outside your yard, or call Batman to make one for you. Just kidding. Seriously, build a bat house. Weird, yeah, but hey if you’re open – why not?

Candles, bug zappers, pest control, ventilation, garlic, and bats. These are some of the ways you can keep your home mosquito free this summer. Know any more ways how? You know the drill: sound off in the comments section below if you have any tips or suggestions.

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