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6 Things You Need To Do For A Clutter-Free Home

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You’ve most probably read in previous Topbest articles that insects and other pests are drawn to your home because of the mess you haven’t cleaned up. It’s true. Be it an abundance of moisture or food particles, pests tend to gravitate towards a messy home.

If you want a clutter-free home that won’t require you to contact termite control (when it’s actually too late), here’s 6 daily routines you need to follow religiously.

1. Clean all food bits & liquid stains

Your top magnets for pests in your home are food particles and spilt liquids on the floor. Their smell, especially if they’re sweet, will definitely bring ants, termites, rats, flies and other rodents. Make sure any food crumbs are swept away and spilt liquids mopped.

2. Store away food properly

Even if you clean the mess in your kitchen, pests will still invade if you leave an entire cake out or a Coke bottle uncovered. Store food in airtight or glass containers, as pests can always chew through plastic. Better yet, keep both food and drinks (especially sweet ones) inside the fridge. Cold temperatures repel pests.

3. Pick up/don’t leave your clothes lying around

You know what else pests like rodents like? Moisture. So if they see one of your nice, but soiled, polo lying on the ground, they might make it their permanent base of operations. So the next time you take out your clothes when you get home, don’t leave them on the floor. Throw them immediately to the hamper.

4. Throw away all unnecessary cellulose-based materials away

Cellulose is a material part of a termite’s diet. This is why they eat through wood, paper, even cardboard and boxes. So throw away all scratch papers, unused boxes, and cardboard, as these could easily be havens for these cellulose-eating creatures. In addition, you might want to consider buying non-wood furniture as well.

5. Budget your expenses

Do you really need to go on a shopping spree every month to buy things you barely even use or need? If it’s not at all necessary, then don’t buy it. Save your money instead. If you spend a lot and end up having too much stuff, you end up storing them in every nook and cranny you need, which leads to…

6. Unhoard

…Hoarding. That is, an unhealthy attitude of keeping so many things you don’t need. If you have an entire bodega devoted to all the items you’ve bought, but never used; or things from the past, take them out, sort them into those you can either use, give away, or throw, and then apply. It may be hard at first, but once you get into the groove day by day, you’ll feel your home become lighter in terms of mood, plus, lesser pests, really.

Do you know any more de-cluttering activities you can do to unclutter your home? Let us know in the comments section below.

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