5 Reasons Why Food Businesses Should Get Regular Pest Control Checks

Pest Control Services - Contamination Is Not An Option

Nothing beats devouring a scrumptious smorgasbord of your favorite at your pick-of-the-litter restaurant. Oh, even if I had to shell out an insane amount of money, eating out just makes all my problems disappear! But… that great day can be ruined if you suddenly see a rat scampering away from the kitchen. Pests! Ew…

As for business owners, failure to hire pest control services can send your business spiraling down the drain.

In order to keep your premises safe and perfect for great dinner bonding, here are 6 reasons to get your food business regular pest control.

1. Contamination is not an option!

TopBest Pest Control Services - Contamination Is Not An Option

Pests can go to your food storage and preparation areas, thereby, putting your food in high risks of contamination. Pests’ dead bodies, nesting material, and droppings can cause bacterial contamination. That’s a big no for you, right?

2. There’s more to what you see.

TopBest Pest Control Services - There's More Than What You See

See that wooden table? You may not see it outside but one of its legs can be already infested with termites. Pests can damage your premises more than you think.

Pests, especially rats and mice, can damage your equipment and structure. They can gnaw that pipe or that rug or even that plastic container of food! Termites can destroy and live inside those wooden structures of your office.  Really nasty pests!

Instead of investing your money to replace damaged furniture why not just have regular pest control checks, or if termites have been identified, perhaps termite control? I say that’s better than buying new stuff, right?

3. Health matters – a lot!

TopBest Pest Control Services - Health Matters

We all know this. Nobody would keep pests inside their premises. For one, there’s nothing cute about them. Second, the list of diseases they carry is longer than the Great Wall of China.

For instance, cockroaches carry food poisoning organisms on their bodies and can spread diseases such as dysentery, typhoid and polio. Aside from carrying diseases, flies spread bacteria such as salmonella, typhoid and cholera, and parasitic worms. Rats and mice carry bacteria and viruses that can kill, including Salmonella, E. Coli, and Cryptosporidium. They can cause tuberculosis. They also have fleas, tick, and mites.

That’s why they are called pests – they PESTer you!

4. Happy customers = happy business.

TopBest Pest Control Services - Happy Customers

If a customer walks in and sees a cockroach flying or a rat crawling swiftly inside your restaurant, you know the consequences. You will not only lose that customer but also his family and friends! Who will bring their loved ones to pest-infested restaurant?

Here’s another thing: you are absolutely luckier if that customer wasn’t able to take picture of those pests, or else you’ll get free internet publicity for a totally horrible reason. Once that happens, game over. Kiss your capital goodbye.

5. Chill, relax and enjoy the business.


There’s nothing sweeter than sleeping with zero worries. With pests, you would wake up every day worrying about the next furniture they damaged or which food they had contaminated. But if you were able to control pests, you reduce your problems. Plus, you’ll have a good reputation! Remember, pests multiply very fast. But the sooner you control the pests, the lesser your problems will be.

Pest control should always be on your cards. A regular pest control check means a lot of safety measure in almost every aspect of your business – in food, health, damage and reputation. With it, you can cross one stressor out your list.