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5 Pests You Should Be Grateful Don’t Exist In The Philippines

If you’ve dealt with termites, rodents, ants, and flies in your home, you may think that these pests are annoying creatures. They cause a lot of physical and structural discomfort/damage, and yes, when you see them wreaking havoc you better call pest control services immediately.

But while you may be complaining about these small nuisances, there are much larger, more terrifying and deadlier creatures that can ransack your home. Here are 5 pests you should be grateful don’t exist in the Philippines.

1. Capybaras


Sure, the idea of hundreds of small rodents infesting your home does sound a tad bit scary. But what if…they were the size of dogs? That’s what a capybara is in a nutshell. Imagine if you had these large-sized rodents terrorizing your home? You wouldn’t need pest control. You’d need hunters! Fortunately for you, capybaras only exist in South America (save for Chile).

2. Human botflies

Human Botfly (Larva)

Botflies are one of the most disgusting winged insects you can every find. It lays its eggs on a host (usually a mammal or another winged insect like a mosquito, that can act as a carrier to another mammal, like us humans). When they hatch, the larvae burrow and eat through the skin for about 5-6 weeks, and then they punch through the flesh they’ve been eating to pupate. Finally, they hatch as adult botflies in about 20 days.

After reading this, we hope you’re thankful only houseflies invade your home. You surely wouldn’t want a botfly maggot popping out of your flesh a la Alien now, would you?

3. The Japanese Giant Hornet

Japanese Giant Hornet

This insect, which is the size of your thumb, has a very special defense mechanism: It shoots out flesh-melting poison in your eyes. This poison also has a pheromone that attracts other giant hornets to your location, whereupon they all sting you to death. Their stings are so powerful that 40 people in Japan die per year because of these annoyingly powerful insects.

Just to give you an idea of dangerous giant hornets are: in their search for food (like the larvae and honey of bees) a group of 30 can easily outclass a hive of 30,000 honeybees. That’s a ratio of 10 giant hornets to 10,000 bees. They brutally eliminate their prey by cutting up their bodies with their formidable jaws.

4. Bullet Ants

Bullet Ant

The reason these ants are called such is because their bite is reportedly as painful as a bullet shot. Aside from that, they scream at you before they attack. They. Scream. What. Kind. Of. Ant. Does. That? The. Bullet. Ant.

5. Army Ants

Army Ants

These insects epitomize the phrase: “Strength in numbers”. Army ants attack with the full force of over a million in their colony, plowing through any living or artificial structure in their path with their incredibly powerful jaws. Also, they’re blind, a predicament that only adds to their killer instinct. We’re definitely sure you wouldn’t these bad boys any where near you or your home.

Do you know other international pests you’re thankful don’t exist here in the Philippines? Share them in our comments section below.

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  1. But we have gov. currupt officials here in the philippines worse case all of theme are currupt i think that is the worse pests here in the philippines

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