5 MORE Pests You Wish You Could Call Pest Control For

Previously we’ve discussed 5 pests we wish we could call pest control for. Unfortunately, 5 is not enough, because let’s face it, there’s MORE. Not even our lovable pets nor DIY pest control can keep them away! Somehow, these random, non-insect pests find their way into our lives and annoy the crap out of us. So who and what are these other pests we would love to be able to call pest control for? Let’s go check them out:

Spam Text Messages and Emails


Ever got a text message saying you just won a huge amount of cash (you just need to do this and that)? Or received an email that contains links to some promos, photos and videos that could damage your software? Congratulations, you have an infestation of electronic pests in your computer! These bugs can be as persistent as those cockroaches running around your house, if not more. It makes quite a cluttering mess in your email addresses, and it’ll still keep on coming even if you try to unsubscribe. ARGH!

Mr. and Miss Abuloy-Po


Let’s be clear here first. These guys aren’t your typical beggars. Don’t regard those poor people who are simply down on their luck as pests; they already have too much problems to deal with as it is! Mr. and Miss Abuloy-Po are those people who claim to represent some group and who claim that they were helping these organizations raise funds. While many can pass through your neighborhood knocking on each door, others can also be found in malls, on buses and jeepneys, and even in schools. The worst part is, the groups they represent are completely imaginary, complete with dummy phone numbers and email addresses! This doesn’t mean that all those guys are frauds; a lot of them actually work for legitimate entities. But then again, how are you supposed to know the difference between helping and being scammed?

Noisy Next-Door Neighbors

noisy neighbor

Have you ever experienced being jolted out of your beauty sleep by some ruckus coming out from the house next to you? Is the guy or girl next door an aspiring diva and they spend so much time practicing that you managed to memorize their favorite songs’ lyrics? Well, too bad you can’t set your pest control on them, but maybe your resident security guards. Then again, it’s a free country. Maybe you and your neighbor can have a civil talk and simply agree upon a certain time period when either can you can belt out to your heart’s content and when silence should ensue. Yay for harmonious co-existence!

Super Typhoons

super typhoon

Ordinary storms and monsoons aren’t that much of a nuisance; a lot of them are intense enough only to cancel school or work day and give you a day or two of vacation. But these winds can’t compare with their larger counterparts. From time to time, some really nasty LPA’s would pass through your neighborhood. And when that happens, all you can do is hold on and pray. Super typhoons are known to destroy anything in its path. It can mess up your garden, wrest off the rooftops of your home, and even blow away your cars. Many even bring enough water to turn your living room into a brown swimming pool.



Most superheroes have sidekicks. And with the super typhoon often comes power failure. If you think enduring the sounds of howling winds threatening to destroy your home is, then you should try to experience it without the comforts electricity can provide. Without power, there’s no internet connection, no lights, and no water. You’ll even have a hard time calling for help in case your phone battery went dead.

Not exactly the pests you were expecting, huh? Still, there’s no need for you to worry; these nuisances can still be dealt with in many other ways. Just leave the bugs and small animals to your pest control so you can focus on dealing with the other pests in your life. At least that’s one less thing to worry about.

Do you agree that these normal things are quite a nuisance? What else do you wish you could call pest control for to help you out? Tell us in the comments section below!