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5 Home Maintenance Tips for Summer



TopBest Termite Control - 5 Home Maintenance Tips For Summer

When we hear the word summer, the first thing that comes to our mind is having lots of free time, and we want to spend this free time for leisure and quality time with our family and friends. However, we should not forget that summer is also the hottest time of the year, thus requiring us to pay attention to the maintenance of our home as well. Whether we spend our summer inside our home or not. Here are some not-so-time consuming tips that will maximize your summer:

1. Termite Control.

According to the Discovery Channel, warmer temperatures tend to speed up the life cycle of insects. That means they’ll mature and reproduce faster and there will be less time between generations. This explains why there are ants everywhere during summer time, and you may even notice that your wooden furniture is getting smaller and smaller.

And while we’re at it, summer may also be the best time to eliminate the breeding sites of dengue-causing mosquitoes to prevent a dengue epidemic in the coming rainy season. According to DOST, it is the time when the mother mosquito transfers the virus to its offspring, and since they reproduce at a faster rate during summer, it is best to kill the larvae before they survive until the outbreak season.

Since this post is about saving time to make the most out of summer, I recommend calling your local termite control to wipe them all out. They give out helpful advises too so you will be almost pest free not just for summer. However, if you want to do it yourself, there are lots of DIY methods too, like the use of katol, sprays, and bed nets.

2. Roof Check.

Because the weather outside is nice, it is the best time to fix whatever the problem of your roof is. Even if you think it’s in perfect condition, checking to see if there are leaves stuck in the rain gutter won’t hurt. In fact, it will save you more time to clean any stray leaves now than cleaning the flood water caused by a leaking roof. Trust me, it takes a LONG time.

Besides cleaning the gutters and downspouts, you can also check if your roof has developed cracking and holes and make sure you seal them in before they get bigger and cause more trouble. Also, please be careful on climbing up there!

3. Check your furniture.

You’ll be surprised how the intensity of the heat today can affect our furniture. No matter how expensive the furniture is, and strong the material it is made of, always remember that the sun is STRONGER.

Anything that is made of leather that is exposed to too much sunlight will cause it to color fading and drying, and once the color has faded, there is no way to bring the old color back but by re-dying it by a professional. You might as well go and buy a new one. The same goes for fabric and wood, color fading happens and it is irreversible. There’s also this thing for some woods like Maple where too much sunlight can cause them to have a “sun tan”, just like our skin, while some woods like the American Walnut does the opposite, exposure to sun will make it whiter, only to the area where the sun hits the most, of course.

What you can do is place these pieces of furniture far from the window, and if doing so is somewhat inevitable, try putting cloth over them when the ray of sun is directly hitting your furniture. Also, thick curtains and window tinting is suggested, if you don’t want cloth on your furniture, making it look like some sort of a horror movie. This will save you lots of money from having it re-colored or buying a new one.

4. Open doors and windows = more dust.

A lot of us like to go out during summer, and we like to open the window so it is less hot. So the more we open these two gateways of dusts to our home, the faster these dusts will accumulate inside. I’m not saying that you should stay inside and close all windows so there will be less dust, which would be kind of depressing. You just have to be prepared and keep in mind that summer is the time when dusts accumulate faster, thus requiring you to clean up more often. It can’t be prevented anyway.

5. Save water.

This may not directly impact your house as a whole, but we all know that our country faces El Nino every summer, and thus making our dams fall short of water and you know what happens next. So, it will not hurt to start saving water and make sure it is put in a container with a lid. We don’t want mosquitoes breeding on our precious water! If we don’t save water, well, welcome to a dirtier house, dirtier garden and dirtier you, eww. Also, we wouldn’t want to find ourselves buying mineral water for regular household chores because that will be expensive, and time consuming! Imagine having to buy every now and then just to clean the dishes.

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