4 New Year’s Resolutions to Keep for a Pest-Free Bedroom

There are times when we’re perfectly aware of things that bother us, yet we don’t make any actual effort to prevent it. Worse still, we actually voluntarily do the things that cause the problem in the first place!

The problem we’re particularly pertaining to is the frequent invasion of pests in our bedroom. For example, many of us like to pretend that these uninvited creatures come out of nowhere, but we’re actually perfectly aware of what causes them. Or, to be more precise, we’re somewhat aware but are in denial or worse, too lazy to do anything about it. Pest and termite control services can help us remedy infestations, sure. And in case some of these critters get into your carpets or furniture, you can simply call on furniture and carpet cleaners. But wouldn’t it be better to prevent the problem before it starts?

Now that the year is still pretty new, it’s the perfect time to develop new habits that could affect your daily life more than you know. Here are a few New Year’s Resolutions you might want to help keep pests out of your bedroom!

Do Not Eat in Bedroom


We repeat: DO NOT EAT IN BED. This is by far the main cause of ants and other night crawlers! It is very tempting to eat snacks while watching television in bed, but the combination of being on a comfy mattress and having a full tummy will cause most of us to be to lazy to clean up after ourselves properly and drowse off to dreamland within minutes. Not only will the crumbs and other tiny food particles attract ants and other insects, but sleeping right after eating is also actually bad for your health!

Keep the windows closed

bug screen

This is obvious, but some homeowners prefer natural ventilation. If that’s the case, make sure that you have screens installed in your windows and doors. Also regularly check the screens for holes and tears; even the tiniest holes can bring in uninvited guests. The frequency of window cleaning depends on the location of the window, local window conditions, and your preference, but to prevent grime from building up it is generally a good idea to wash your window screens every couple of months.

Eliminate clutter


Insects love clutter because it keeps them hidden, provides a home, and keeps them well-fed. Clutter makes it possible for bugs to breed and multiply right under your nose! If you must keep food in the bedroom, store them properly in air-tight containers or in the fridge. Remember that ants have the uncanny ability to get into almost anything! Even pet food is tempting, so don’t leave food bowls out (especially if you use wet pet food!) when your pet is done.

Store trash properly


A lot of your trash is most likely food. And though it’s labelled as ‘trash’ to you as soon as you throw it out, it’s still under the ‘food’ category to insects (they’re not very picky eaters). Food trash should strictly be kept in the kitchen, and emptied every night. As much as possible, get a wastebin with tight lids. Apart from emptying them out, all bins should be cleaned regularly.

These are only a few things you can start doing to help keep out those pesky pests! Be vigilant and disciplined, even when you’re feeling lazy, and you’ll be keeping a pest-free bedroom and home. Good luck!