4 Ways Household Pests Can Ruin Your Romantic Date


A romantic date involves a lot of planning and preparation for worst-case scenarios. Every possible detail is considered, and according to the circumstances, some people will choose to do their romantic dates outdoors, while others will consider doing theirs indoors. The dishes are carefully chosen, as is the attire and the music playlist for the evening. One thing that people don’t consider in advance though, is the possibility that pests might crash the date. Uh-oh!

If you are in the Philippines, call the local pest control services before the following things happen:


While preparing food for your perfect date, you find out that some of the poorly-stored ingredients were already pest-infested – ants, roaches, flies, or maggots. You’ll have to throw away the spoiled ingredients and buy a new stock. You will be wasting time, money, and energy, and will probably spoil your (and your date’s) appetite.

There are times when we keep our best clothes only used for special events deep in our wardrobes. We get excited at the thought of wearing that blue dress or that black long sleeves shirt that has only been worn once or twice. We also get excited at the thought of our partner seeing our best clothes, hopefully making him/her love us more. Unfortunately, as we pull our best clothes out of our closets, we see them moth and rat-eaten. A sudden wardrobe malfunction prior to or during the date can be very off-putting!

We don’t necessarily want a haunted house feel for our romantic indoor dates. Just when we have decided to clean our place from all the possible bat dungs, we find out that it is actually extremely time consuming! We will definitely not have enough time to clean the whole place and prepare ourselves for the date of the year. To add to the haunted house ambience, if you notice that your floors are creaking, then there might be termites in your beloved home. Sigh.

Household pests can not only ruin your indoor dates, but also outdoors! Imagine it like this: you have cleaned your car – washed, waxed, and polished it, making it look as new as possible. You have even sprayed the inside of your car with your partner’s favorite flower scent, or maybe even with just that scent neutralizer. Here’s the twist. You fetched your partner from his /her place, and you both sat comfortably inside your car, smiles seen on your faces. Both of you took the time to prepare yourselves and are dressed in your best clothes. As you drive the two of you to your designated location, may it be a restaurant or a park, household pests started ruining the moment. Flies or mosquitoes flew from nowhere, making their annoying buzzing sounds. Worst case scenarios are roaches flying and mice wandering inside the car. Not only will it ruin the building up romantic mood, that event might even ruin your relationship.



May it be a romantic date or not, we should always take time to take care of the creepy crawlies in our houses and cars. Who knows? You might have a date sooner or later in your place! We’re pretty sure that no one wants any interruption during such events.