4 ‘Pests’ You Should Help Out This Season (and stop referring to as pests!)

In normal situations, we deal with vermin either by calling for professional help or by doing the dirty job ourselves. But as we’ve previously discussed, there are some pests that we just can’t get rid of. Even the best pest control in the country would have a hard time with them since they weren’t exactly trained to exterminate these kinds of unwelcome house guests. And since Christmas is merely weeks away, it would be quite Scrooge-like of you to cast them out! Beside, ’tis the season to be jolly, and why not take the opportunity to make others jolly?

So who are the “pests” we should welcome this holiday? Let’s go meet them!

Stray Dogs and Cats

christmas cat

You’re a heartless person indeed if you don’t feel bad whenever you see these poor, cuddly guys (regardless of how much of an inconvenience they can be sometimes). Sure they could cause quite a ruckus at night and they sometimes even leave mess for you to clean after, but that doesn’t mean they’re doing it solely to annoy you. Besides, it’s not their fault that they’re homeless! Should any of them happen to pass by your home, you should treat them as guests. The least you can do is giving them something to eat. If you want to go the extra mile, though, adopt them. Let’s be clear first: adopt dogs or cats only if you’re ready for the responsibility. Otherwise, they’d be better off living with someone else.

The Neighbors


You and that person living in the house next to yours might not see life eye to eye, and you might even be in some kind of Cold War with them for this and that reason. Well, it’s time to declare a ceasefire this holiday! Greet them politely and wish them a good one this year. You can even invite them over to your home for some drinks and set aside a present for them (no, don’t give them a bomb). Maybe that’ll help patch things up. You should still be a good neighbor even if the other man stays rude and unpleasant; you’ll feel a whole lot better if you do!

Visiting In-Laws


Your spouse’s parents, siblings and cousins may prove more challenging than both your next-door neighbors and those stray animals roaming outside the house. For one thing, you can’t exactly shut the door to their faces once they come knocking. Pest control would shrug you off as a prankster in case you call them. And worst of all, your significant other would get mad at you! So get your game on and welcome them in with a smile (or try to move your lips upward at least). Oh, and it also helps that you give them some good presents, not something you got at a bargain from street vendors.

Your Obnoxious Siblings

sibling love

The most annoying pests aren’t the ones trying to invade your home; they’re the ones that actually have the right to live there with you! That’s right, we’re talking about your brothers and sisters. Like it or not they’re here to stay, and no amount of intense whining or pining to your parents would drive them out. So try to get along with them as much as possible. After all, they won’t leave your side even during your worst moments, and their extremely jealous of their position as your sole tormentor, driving off the other competition.

Better stop scheming to get rid of these guys and prepare your Christmas celebrations with them in mind. And while you’re at it, better make sure the other vermin like cockroaches, termites, and rats stay out of the house. Pest control can handle it for you.