4 Harmful Insects You Never Want to See Around Your Home

Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of good insects but unfortunately for every good one there’s an equally bad one. Any human in this planet is definitely inclined to hate immediately at a sight of a pest and most would even call up termite control immediately upon seeing such.

It’s sad and scary to think that there are small things in this world that are deadly and harmful. In this light, let us discuss these types of insects that we wouldn’t want to run into especially in the vicinity of our homes.



Luckily this insect that hails from the family of grasshoppers isn’t essentially a threat to the human race they are instead a threat to our agricultural sector. They usually attach in swarms of several thousand insects hence posing a huge danger to the millions of acres worth of crops. They won’t kill us but they destroy our food source. If you have plants in your home make sure you keep them safe from these pests because they will for a fact gather up their soldiers of locusts and siege war against your plants.


These are truly terrifying creatures but even more terrifying because these wasps and bees are something you will find absolutely anywhere.  There are even people who are allergic to the sting of wasps. As a matter of fact, around 53 people die to wasps because of allergic reactions to their stings. So be careful if you have a family member who is allergic to stings because they can go into anaphylactic show which leads to death. To be safe from bees and wasps simply close your windows. Shoo them away too if you can but if that don’t work simply call up pest control.


Fire Ants

These fire ants are the cause of 150 deaths every day and they also destroy crops which make it a double kill. Usually, they are found in soil and sand; they feed on plants, crickets, and other smaller insects. Fire ants are very deadly because their sting is very venomous. A few small stings from these can be cured but if you are swarmed by a huge group of fire ants then chances are you won’t live. Luckily for you, if you spot any colony of fire ants you can simply call termite control for help.

Tse Tse Fly

Flies, in general, are very annoying pests and they love nothing more than just to suck on our blood. And this is the worst part about Tse Tse flies they spread the disease by sucking on blood. Most of these types of flies can be found in Africa and they kill around 250 to 300 victims in a year. The disease they transmit is most commonly known as the sleeping sickness and if not treated immediately it can cause unnecessary bodily functions which can lead to death.

When it comes to keeping our home safe from diseases and illnesses it is best to practice hygiene and sanitation in order to fight unwanted infestations. If problems arise you can always call on us, Topbest your handy pest control buddies.