4 Everyday Professionals Who Work as Unlikely Pest Control


Whenever there’s a vermin infestation in our home, pest control is not always the first solution to come to mind, especially for milder cases. But when you’re too afraid or too disgusted with the thought of having to kill a pest, there are other people we can call for help. It might not exactly be in their job description but hey, most of them are glad to be of help.

In case you’re wondering, here are some professionals you encounter on a near-daily basis who are capable of terminating the occasional pests.


It’s somewhat expected that these guys have to deal with pests every now and then. How can they not, when they’re responsible for maintaining cleanliness in the building? Believe it or not, they’re really good at getting rid of various bugs, rodents, and snakes in some cases (how that reptile came to be in the office in the first place is unknown). However, they may not be able to handle more severe infestations, or in case there’s one particularly nasty unidentified creature.

Security Guards

In many ways, security guards do help us keep pests out of our homes and offices. These “pests” include human intruders as well as animals and insects. One of the great things about security guards is that they’re especially trained for the job. That means they can maintain their wits at the first sign of trouble, and they have the guts to handle difficult situations. After all, nobody would hire someone who’d turn sissy upon seeing a mouse, or a trigger-happy prick who’d use his weapon just to deal with cockroaches.

Convenience Store Clerks

Most convenience store owners cut back cost by not hiring custodians for their business, leaving the job of maintaining the store’s cleanliness to the clerks. Thus, aside from making sure that every single thing for sale is in place and entertaining customers at graveyard hours, clerks also need to make sure that the store has no unwelcome visitors, human and vermin alike. While most of these guys don’t balk at the prospect of meeting free-loading bugs enjoying a few snacks, some store keepers shriek at the sight of creepy critters. But generally speaking, they also know how to handle their pests.

Laundry Workers

The people who tend your dirty laundry do encounter some pests ata lot. Maybe it’s because, some insects like the smell of your soiled clothes, or maybe they’re trying to get at some of the food morsels that might have clung to it at some point. It’s actually quite funny watching your laundress jump in fright upon seeing some bugs (sometimes, it’s rats and snakes) while washing clothes, and even more hilarious to see them comically chase after the vermin with a large wooden stick.

These guys can hold out in their own against minor infestations and small insects, mammals and reptiles. However, you shouldn’t expect too much of them when it comes to more serious pest cases. After all, no one is better for the job than professional pest control services.