3 Ways to Keep Bugs Out of Your Bedroom

Alright. So you stumble upon a few roaches here and there, and sometimes you even catch a teeny tiny rat nose coming out a hole somewhere and some there. But that may not already mean that you have a pest problem—at home. You know you’re really in for it, when you have to seek help from termite control for a seemingly decaying beam on the ceiling, or worse, when you have to call for backup because your bedroom’s being invaded.

Seriously? Pests in the bedroom? Ain’t nobody got time fo dat! Who wants to sleep when chances are, bugs will feast on one’s blood and flesh the moment one closes one’s eyes? And since your bedroom is your most private and most comfortable space in the home, you cannot let any other being invade it.

Heck, it’s even your favorite room! To keep this from happening, follow these three easy steps.

No eating in the bedroom

eating in bed

This is one of the most important rules you have to remember. Bugs’ senses are hardwired to detect sugars and other tasty substances, if you don’t know. Plus, you have to think they love food like you do, so you must not lead them to where it is.

That being said, you have to make sure that your room stays a no-food zone. You may not help it at times, especially since you think that you will not leave crumbs at all, but you can never be sure, really; crumbs are little things, too. Better clean your room regularly, or resist the temptation totally.

Sure, eat in your room. The next thing you know, you’re sleeping among the bugs.

Screen your windows


Your bugs may not be big as bears, but if you want them out of your bedroom, you still have to shut your windows to them. But then again, if you’re someone who loves the fresh air of the outdoors so much, why would you keep away from it?

For the best of both worlds, meaning “bugs away, fresh air hey,” then have screens installed, which are sunscreen blinds Melbourne. This is your best shot at repelling mosquitoes, grasshoppers, and the like, if you’re not a huge fan. And good news is, you can keep those windows fully open throughout the night. However, if your windows are old and worn out, it may be time to consider window replacement. This is why it is better to replace your old windows with new ones like aluminium windows manchester, which gives you the best of both worlds: a bug-free and well-ventilated home.

Once again, remember: the best way to screen what goes in your window is to screen—literally.

Prevent the invasion

termite inspection

Because you live in your room and don’t need to check it, you’re may be 70% sure you don’t have bugs. Now because you haven’t really stumbled upon one in all your days there, that’s 75%, and with your nights, now it’s a good 80%. But since you haven’t asked for the opinion of a professional inspector, well that just brings you down to 50% sure. You agree, don’t you?

Since you’re not sure that you can trust your expertise—as a Fine Arts major—you can’t any chances. You have to go and look for an expert to check your room, and to check the places you don’t feel like or think of checking. Experts can get into the heads of bugs, so they are your best bet at inspecting your room.

And because you went for inspection, you prevent the invasion.

Your sanctuary has to always stay as pristine as would be in your dreams. And unless those dreams welcome bugs, there’s no reason for you to keep them in your bedroom. When all else fails, don’t forget to call your local termite control!