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The Worst Pandemics and Outbreaks in History

What are the worst pandemics and outbreaks in human history? Plague of Athens – The plague that ended one of the world’s greatest civilizations. The Plague of Justinian – An outbreak of disease that caused the deaths of 5,000 people daily. Spanish Flu – This worldwide pandemic caused the deaths of 75 million people worldwide. …

The Most Dangerous Insects in Asia

What are the most dangerous insects in Asia? Giant Asian Hornet – This huge insect is known to have a venom that can melt flesh. Giant Centipede – A dangerous predator whose bite can cause infection. Denki Mushi – This caterpillar species is known for its sting, which is like an electric shock. Jorou Spider …

How to Insect-Proof Your Video Game Console

How can you insect-proof your video game console? Keep the area around your console clean so that insects would not be attracted in the area. Place your console in an elevated and open area to make it less-likely of a destination for insects. Make sure that you regularly clean your console to ensure that it …

How to Protect Your Car from Unwanted Pests

How do you protect your car from unwanted pests? Block small entrances to you engine compartment Remove any food source inside your vehicle Set up traps Open up the hood  (keeping your hood up in a well-lit area makes sure that pests would not invade your car engine) Use strong smelling substances   Protecting your …