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3 Effective Pest Control Strategies

What are effective pest control strategies you could try? Baiting – put some food on the traps you laid out to lure pests to go to them. Pesticides – spray this on the infected areas. Biological Pest Control – this is the use of parasites, predators, and pathogens to get rid of pests.   Caring …

Tips for Stopping Garden Pests in Their Tracks Completely

A garden is a wonderful sanctuary of a diverse selection of plants that you are taking care of and helping grow every day. This is why it is best to keep those unwanted garden pests away. These pests would damage your garden, and hurt the plants that you have been growing for months. You would …

DIY Christmas Gifts Cute Bugs You Won't Have to Kill with Pest Control

What cute bugs can you gift as a plush this Christmas? Ladybug plush Caterpillar plush Butterfly plush   Christmas is only several days away. Have you already done your Christmas shopping? Do you have gifts to give your little Filipino nephews and nieces? If you answer no to both questions because you’re blanking on what …

Mga Karaniwang Peste sa Pilipinas

Ano ang mga karaniwang nakapamemesteng insekto sa Pilipinas? Ipis Anay Daga Langgam   Ikaw ba’y nasasanay nang may kasamang peste sa iyong tahanan: sa iyong bakuran, mga silid pahingahan, kusina, banyo, at kahit pati na rin sa loob ng iyong aparador at mga sapatos? Bagamat ang ilan sa mga ito’y karaniwan na sa ating bansa …