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Termite Control Philippines: Harmful Chemicals for Your Pets and What to Use Instead

What are the chemicals that could harm your pets? What are the alternatives you could use instead? D’Limonene and pyrethrin – are often used for managing fleas, but are harmful to cats. Use flea traps or diatomaceous earth instead. Fertilizers (with herbicide 2, 4-D) – are hazardous to dogs. Use corn gluten instead. Garden baits …

5 Things Termites Wouldn't Want You to Ever Know

What are the 5 things about termites that you need to know? They love every shrub and tree you plant against your home’s foundation. They are thankful for the excess wood you leave after cutting dead trees from your yard. They won’t ever stop you from leaving improper drainage (also, gutters). You were barking at …

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Due to the lack of proper pest control, the proliferation of insects and other pests are an actual problem in some parts of the world. This is due to the fact that most, if not all, of these pests carry diseases within them, all of which have the potential to infect any person who comes …

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Dealing with pests is undoubtedly important, the main reason being that they could destroy your home if left unattended. So, at the first sign of a pest – or ideally, even at just the risk of having one – you should contact a pest control service company to deal with it immediately. But then, for …