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Termite Control

Infestations cost millions of pesos worth of damage to infrastructure annually. Don't let your home or business be a termite casualty.


General Pest Control

TOPBEST offers a variety of pest control solutions for your home or your business, allowing you to protect your investments.

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Pest Control 101: Common Black Bugs Found in the Kitchen and How to Dispose of Them

How to stop bugs from infecting your kitchen? Clean the area after using it. Place your food in air-tight containers. …

Importance of Garden Weed Removal to Your Pest Control

Why is garden weed removal a necessary method of pest control? 1. Garden weeds can be a source of food …

The Dark Knight: How Bats Function as Natural Pests Controllers

How do bats function as natural pest controllers? Bats are insect predators. They extinguish garden pest feasting on your crops. …